Housefly Army

Housefly Army


Housefly Army plays alternative rock with intimate, atmospheric and dark soulful melodies. This CD ranges from rockin' jams to acoustic grooves. 15 tracks and 69 minutes of infectious music.


To us, Housefly Army is about experimentation with rock. As song writers we are always searching to catch that perfect emotion. We want our songs to influence others the way we were influenced by artists like Thom Yorke, John Lennon, Frank Black... every song we write is about trying to catch that perfect expression of how we’re feeling. However, every song we write always seems to fall a little short of perfection, which makes us keep growing as a band.

What sets us apart is that we are more concerned with entrancing melodies and layering guitar riffs than about making a quick commercial product. A Housefly Army live show is all about losing yourself in the music. Letting the melodies and lyrics wrap themselves around you and taking you to another place for a few hours. We’re not about unbridled rage encouraging you to scream and punch the idiot teenager next to you.


Debut, self titled CD:
Housefly Army
15 cuts, 69 minutes.
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Set List

We have several set lists, we do everything from a half-hour six song set to a 2 hour show with new material. We are currently not performing any covers but may include a Radiohead song at some point.