Progressive pop-rock with thoughtful lyrics sung by an agitated Perry Como.


Houseguest is a band from Akron, Ohio that has been recording and performing for 5 years. It began in 2000 with Gabriel Schray and David Whited writing and recording songs in Gabriel's basement. When it came time to play out, David Rich and Theodore Mallison of the Courage of Biplanes were recruited to play drums and to sing, respectively. In late 2004, Jamie Stillman of the Party of Helicopters replaced David Rich on drums, who now plays guitar. Houseguest is influenced by a variety of artists, including Richard Hell, Guided by Voices, Gary Numan, Thin Lizzy, Yes, Warren Zevon, and Roxy Music. Houseguest is a band dedicated to the leisurely lifestyle. The members of Houseguest are incomparably good-looking, and generally well-mannered, though their shirts do occasionally fly off.


"House Fall Down" LP, 2000, Top Hat Records
"Buzzin' Around Town" EP, 2002, Top Hat/Goopy Records
"Talking Time" LP, 2004, self-released

Set List

Where We Left Off
Fashionable Living Room
Dead of the Desert
Traveller's Fancy
Be a Hero to the Tiniest of Babies
On Walden Software
The Greatest Gatsbees
My Handsome Hat
Galapaghost Island
High Strangeness
Love Comes in Spurts
Our Talking Times
The Captain's Things