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The best kept secret in music


"House of EchO Takes Off"

Perhaps it's ironically fitting that the nation's capital, where divisions often rage, has given birth to a musical act that promises to cross more than a few boundaries. Grounded by smart lyrics and creative instrumentation, Washington, DC-based sextet House of EchO, offers its listeners a mash-up of rock, funk, and soul. By melding rock guitar with funky drums and bass and gospel-inflected keys, what began as one man's solo project has emerged as an engaging musical hybrid.

The selections off the band's demo offer plenty of sonic punch. Singer-songwriter David Tauler (aka EchO) sounds like a cross between Dave Matthews and Toby Mac – gritty, yet soulful with a spiritual bent. First single "Can You See Me" ponders why the object of Tauler's affection ("a shooting star that shoots the other way") is blind to his devotion. Best of all, however, is the bittersweet good-bye "Fly Away". ("This is your time to be a star/I want to hold you tight/But I can't hold back the night," Tauler confesses in the chorus.) As the guitar solo crescendos into the heavens, you might find your own admiration for this up-and-coming band taking flight. -


2005 "Dreamworld" EP realeased regionally and recieved local airplay.

Day Dreamin'
Can You See Me
Fly Away
Never Coming Back Again


Feeling a bit camera shy


House OF Echo is a mainstream-rock band formed in the DC metropolitan area that draws comparisons to super-groups like Maroon 5, Dave Mathews Band, Sting and The Police, while breaking new ground in the genre of contemporary rock.

The band is the brainchild of singer-songwriter David Tauler (aka EchO) who set out to record a solo project in 2004 and built a rock band along the way. House of Echos sound is an ambitious hybrid of rock infused with soul music. The soundtrack of David Tauler's life began in a predominately black church, when at 15 Years of age this colorblind white kid walked up the street to the closest church in his neighborhood and became a member. He found God and discovered a passion for soul music while grooving hard to the choir's band each Sunday morning. Up to that point Tauler, a skateboarding enthusiast had a CD player full of rock music. Tauler was making a name for himself as a 1st chair saxophonist in the symphony when he got his first calling at age 16 and was asked to lead his own 30-part concert series at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He knew that music would be a permanent part of his future when he was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Maryland where he studied composition, discovered jazz and Latin music. In 2002 David Tauler/EchO's star was rising when he changed directions and answered a second calling. He found his voice as a singer-songwriter and recorded his first demo: EchO Dreamworld.

The band, House of Echo came to life when the demo attracted some of Washington, DCs gifted musicians. EchO recruited urban drum wizard Kevin Rutledge; brought on board to provide the true-to-soul back beat that the music required. Next on EchOs hit list was funk bassist Teo Lee known for his commitment to keeping grooves thumping. Each new member had a profound impact on EchO's sound giving the music an edge that was nonexistent to that point. What began as a solo project was now a band. In the footsteps of Prince and The Police, EchOs vision was to create a new-generation rock band that grooves with soul. He succeeded with surgical precision in reaching his goal, resulting in powerful sonic blend best described as rock meets soul. Armed with a new sound, House of Echo entered an international battle of the bands, competing against a field of 3,000. When the smoke cleared, they had placed in the top 30 overall, taking first place among DC-area bands. With this new momentum, the hard-working band entered the studio to record their first single Can You See Me in 2005. It was not long before they gained the attention of record labels and industry insiders on the east and west coast.

A buzz is growing swiftly about the bands high-powered live performances; passion is clearly evident as they introduce original music to a growing audience several times a month. House of Echo is currently DCs best-kept secret, but not for long.

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