House of Fools

House of Fools


Rock and Roll. Tom Petty meets early Led Zeppelin.


House of Fools makes music because it's what they do. It's all they do. It's what is in their heart, what sings out from their soul. Without music, they would be nothing. Hailing from NC, the Fools sell out the biggest venue in their home town on a regular basis. With sounds ranging from Tom Petty to early Led Zeppelin, they have been exploding the stage for 3 years now.

After signing to Drive Thru Records in 2006 by simply sending in an unsolicited demo, the band went on to record their first EP, then following it up with their album, Live and Learn. They toured the country gaining fans everywhere they went.

House of Fools will rock your face off with their extremely gifted, intricate guitar playing and extremely high energy from the stage. It's a show you do not want to miss.


House of Fools EP (2006)
Live and Learn (2007) stream here:

Blowin' in the Wind" – released on Listen to Bob Dylan: A Tribute (2005)

Set List

Typical Setlist
Go Bears
Stoner Jam
Kiss the Haze
No Reply
Lennie Lennie
Average Set Time: 45-1 hour. (Can expand or contract these times) according to slot.

Cover Songs:
-The last dj
-Burnin' for you
-Life in the fast lane
-The Joker
-Runnin down a dream
-Handle with care
-Piss up a rope
-Ramblin Man
-She talks to Angels
-Shall be Released
-Don't Ease
-Rockin me baby
-Tie one on
-On the road again
-Kiss before I go