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House of Games @ Piazza Rock

Tahkovuori, Not Applicable, Finland

Tahkovuori, Not Applicable, Finland

House of Games @ Piazza ROCK

Tahkovuori, Not Applicable, Finland

Tahkovuori, Not Applicable, Finland

House of Games @ Dante´s Hihlight

Helsinki, Not Applicable, Estonia

Helsinki, Not Applicable, Estonia

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



House of Games -

Hitting a solid middle ground between the classic grandeur of Dream Theater and the accessible experimentalism of Spock’s Beard, Estonia’s premiere modern progressive rockers House of Games dazzles and impresses on its self-titled debut. These eleven tracks of melodic, theatrical metal should please a broad range of music fans that dig bands as diverse as Skid Row, Asia and Frank Zappa.
Well-done guys!

Grade: A

Gail Worley (

Gail Worley
Rock Critic At Large
US of A

Ram / Border Music
4 stars (out of 5)

It is not often one gets to hear about great heavy metal bands from Estonia, but House of Gamis is just that. A great heavy metal band from Estonia. Their debutalbum Rise And Shine is a melodic rockalbum that breathes of Royal Hunt and Talisman with a slight touch of Uriah Heep. It has a nice groove and awesome guitar arrangements. The singer Erik
Meremaa is a brilliant singer and songwriter. The album has many moments of surprise and it grows for each time you
listen to it.

The producer is Kevin "Caveman" Shirley who has worked with bands like Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and Rush.
Its mastered by Howie Steinberg who has worked with Metallica, Def Leppard and Rammstein.

I recommend the album Rise And Shine to all who likes melodic rock and who sets a little higher demand on the musicians
competence. Simply put, this album is awesome.
- Agonyzone Magazine, Sweden

Thirteen years ago House Of Games was founded by vocalist Erik Meeremaa in Tallinn, Estonia and within a year a self-titled album was released. What happened to the band between then (1994) and now is what happens to most bands: a string of changes, not only concerning the line-up. If one thing has to be mentioned about that long period of absence, it has to be the fact that the band became stronger and stronger. Throughout the years they have shared stages with such acts as Faith No More, Jethro Tull, Paradise Lost and – last but not least – The Rasmus.
Things finally moved into gear in the spring of last year. The band flew to the US of A, where they recorded some songs in the Bennett Studios under the guidance of no one else than producer Kevin Shirley. And while being there, they also played some gigs at famous NY clubs such as CBGB’s and The Knitting Factory. Last summer the band continued recording their new album, this time at Seawolf Studios in Finland.The finishing touches were done by Hiili Hiilesma (mixing) at Finnvox Studios in Finland and Howie Weinberg (mastering) at Masterdisk Studios in NY.
The result, called “Rise And Shine”, is unbelievably good! To be honest, I didn’t know that such a good melodic hard rock band could have come out from an unknown (as far as music goes) country like Estonia. All is done in an extremely professional way here: the songs, the arrangements, the performances, the sound, the production...
… I’m almost speechless. No wonder the band found a US partner with brand-new label Hurricane April Records! Admitted, vocalist Erik Meremaa sings with a small Estonian accent, but who cares when the whole album breathes so much professionalism. I’m impressed and so should you! (CL) - RockReport, Belgium

From Sweden Rock Magazine
nr 41, February/March 2007
Page nr 63, Sweden Rock Magazine nr 41 Feb/March 2007, Reviews:
House of Games
"Rise and Shine" 7p (out of 10)

"I cant think of ONE (not even if I stretch my memory far) Estonian
hardrockband! I can however hereby happily declare that my first contact
with this slightly internationally limited house of Estonians were highly
positive. HOUSE OF GAMES plays heavy and melodic rock. They even have a
their own touch and attractive sound and a singer with a personal style,
which I myself like very much. The song "Hunter" even has some
latin-American vibes in the refrain. Even though this is about melodic rock
HOUSE OF GAMES dont loose the heavy sound but sometimes gilds with fat
lowkey guitars. Really strong song-material that should attract fans of
TALISMAN and ROYAL HUNT and be an obvious release to Frontiers or MTM."

by Janne Stark

- Sweden Rock Magazine

Estonian band HOG's melodic rock can't help but pick up the odd contemporary rock mannerism, with sporadic low slung chords scattered among the stuttering riffs, and an occasionally organic production touch blurring the usually well defined edges.
But in the main, this is unarguably eighties in attitude and tone. Keyboards soar and sigh alternately, guitars surge and spike tunefully, chord progressions resolve satisfactorily and there are plenty of strong, sweet harmonies texturing the songs.
Vocalist Erik Meremma's agile, expressive vocals betray only the merest hint of an accent. His voice reminds me a lot of Patrick (PFR) Andrew's in timbre and intonation, especially on the album's pivotal, seven minute track, 'Spanish Man'. Lyrically very dark, this song appears to be a denunciation of Hernan Cortez, the Spanish conquistador who invaded Mexico and defeated the Aztecs.
Additionally, the powerful, driving 'Schizophrenia' could quite easily have come off PFR's 'Them' album.
Elsewhere, the template spins around ringing, abrasive riffs, thudding bass lines and keyboards that float in and out as the mood requires - '24' and 'Dreaming' both recalling Phantom's Opera and Shotgun Symphony, circa their groundbreaking 'Forget The Rain' album.
Throughout, HOG show an energy and a vitality that grace eleven compelling performances. Their music plays to melodic rock's glorious past without sounding overly derivative and never resorts to cliche. The majestic 'My Child' and the sinuously melodic 'Evil In Needle', to name but two, demonstrate that the band have a good handle on the finer points of the genre, as well as a firm grasp of the basics.
'Rise And Shine' is as good a debut as I've heard in quite a while.
Rating: 7/10
Written by Brian

- Revelation Z Magazine, Denmark

I've been a little surprised to know about the existence of an hard-rock
scene in Estonia, thing confirmed by some discussions around the net
regarding House Of Games - a new band for me that reached cool impressions
between some fans around the web. I must admit that this resulted a very
lack of mine, because this five-pieces band shows with its debut album at very
high quality level.
First of all the presence of the well-known producer Kevin Shirley
(Aerosmith, Dream Theater, HIM, Iron Maiden, Rush and many others) it couldn't
pass unnoticed, this thanks to his great abilities in working with a lot of
different bands, an element, that need to be added with another famous name
involved in the mastering from the international music scene, alias Howie
Weinberg (Metallica, Def Leppard, Nirvana, Faith No More, Rammstein,
The result is - solid and very impressive sound, actual in its
looking but not too modern at the same time, a feature obtained clearly
thanks to the work of this great two professionals.

This product is without a doubt the best way to package the interesting style offered by the band, that could be described as a superb mix of melodic hard-rock with little
dark influences, perfect to add a fresh touch to this original release.

Nothig seems to miss to House Of Games to obtain a relevant place into the
actual rock scene, this even confirmed by the great appeal included in every
track of the album, easy to enjoy after few playing and absolutely positive
by the overall artistic side. "Rise And Shine" is the typical cd able to
carry a good quantity of innovation into the classical melodic hard-rock
scene, element that sometimes is deserved to give that touch of originality
in an ambient often too closed, but now finally filled with the nice
inclusion of the House Of Games proposal.

Give a try, these guys deserve it really much.

A nice news directly from the Estonian lads. Impressive.

- Metalsounds, Italian metal online-magazine

Estonian hard rock, how common is that?
I dare you to try to mention one
Estonian hard rock, how common is that? I dare you to try to mention more band. The only contact I have had with Estonian metal before is a compilation that was free for download some years ago, but I have never heard of any of those band later and House Of Games was not one of those featured. Rise And Shine is their second album even though the band has existed since 1994 and been touring with Finnish band The Rasmus and with metal legends W.A.S.P. during their 2006 tour in Europe. Now is the time for House Of Games to break, as they have single material for Evil In Needle recorded in USA with producer Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Rush), so good things are coming their way.

The music is hard rock with metal touch, simple as that, with an apparent link to the modern more commercial oriented rock. The music is tight, melodic and well performed and holds traces of American hard rock as well as AOR.

At the same time as House Of Games seem to be similar to a lot of bands, they do not sound as any one in particular as they have found their own niche.

It is catchy and easy-going hard rock you get from House Of Games, and occasionally they throw in some heavier riffing parts as in Ave Maria, which comes out heavier than any other track on the album. That this is well performed and done in a very professional manor there is no doubt about.
- Metal Covenant, Sweden

WASP//House Of Games
Newcastle Carling Academy
October 29th 2006

Review Al Hay, Hardrockhouse

Whilst waiting for the show to begin I couldn’t help trying to work out how long it had been since I last saw Wasp.
This was a three-band bill and first up was “House Of Games". If there were a Zak Wylde look a like competition the drummer would win hands down. From the off the music was tight and crisp and one has to salute the soundman for getting the sonics spot on. This band created massive grooves. They had melody with just the right dose of aggression. They reminded me of a cross between Alter Bridge and Audioslave but without the solo's. As the singer took the stage midway through the first number he took position centre stage and was the consummate “cool front man”. He was almost just a bit too cool. The band played their socks off around him especially the drummer who was really enjoying himself. The guitarist gave us a nice alternative/rock solo and had a glorious Gibson and Marshall meaty sound. Their set came to an end and the singer told us the name of the band. I and a lot of the crowd loved this band…

Copyright 2006, HardRockHouse - HardRockHouse

Review about the live concerts With Band WASP
Venue: Academy 1, Carling Academy, Newcastle
Date: 29 October 2006

What can I say, it's been a long time coming but WASP have returned to Newcastle after some 20 years. This time without all the original press hysteria that surrounded their first visit, which was indeed their first visit to the UK.
But first the support slots, yes there are two bands given the opportunity of opening up proceedings for the mighty Lawless and Co. Firstly quintet House of Games, who got things started with their own brand of melodic haunting metal.
In vocalist Erik Meremaa the band have an outstanding frontman, who stands tall centre stage and just lets the melodies unfold with his atmospheric vocals.

They gave us a very impressive set that consisted mainly of tracks taken from the bands 'Rise And Shine' album.
From the opener ‘My Child’ I instantly liked this band. The sheer quality of musicianship within in the band was astounding and with Meremaa at the helm the band are sure to go far.
The set continued with another haunting melody, this time in the form of ‘Schizophrenia’. A real touch of class, as was the rest of the set which included ‘Hunter’, ‘24’ and my favourite of the set, the slightly heavier but still retaining that melodic tone, the excellent ‘Evil In Needle’, which rounded off a very impressive set.
So impressed was I that I actually went straight to the merchandise stall and purchased a copy of their CD, something that I don’t normally do that often!
- Themayfairmallzine


Single - Evil In Needle 2005
Single - Hunter 2005
Recorded, produced and mixed by Kevin (Caveman) Shirley (credits Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, The RUSH etc), USA 2005.
Mastered- Howie Weinberg (credits Metallica, Whitney Houston, Nirvana etc) at Masterdisk studios, NYC, USA 2005.

Album Rise and Shine, 2006
House of Games album is recorded in Finland at Seawolf Studios, mixed in Finland by Hiili Hiilesmaa (worldfamous rock-producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (credits - Apocalyptica, The HIM, Sepultura etc).
at Finnvox Studios. Mastered at Masterdisk Studios (mastering engineer Howie Weinberg), NYC,USA.



It was 1994 when Erik and 4 other Estonian guys started to make music that ruled the rock music scene and still does, as the album House of Games that was released on the year 94 is rarity and considered an example of professional rock. The time between 1994 and current time has brought many changes as well in line-up as the music business scene in general.
As all of us know, quality rock never dies - it changes even to the better and more vital life-form to the evolutional product of quality rock for quality people - the music that House of Games wants to give to the beloved fans around the world.
The House of Games current material – album Rise and Shine and singel EviI In Needle / Hunter material is innovative, sometimes aggressive, sometimes melodic and mood driven, but always powerful rock, influenced by good, quality rock bands through ages, custom-built to captivate audiences with their energy and quality-soaked music. The members are dedicated songwriters, very talented and innovative subjects determined to create sound of their own.
Their musical and spiritual passion is apparent in lyrical content and physical presence, making the stage more a battery of good energy than a traditional place of simple playing and casual song.
Above all this - subjects display acute and rare instrumental and vocal capabilities unusual desire to work.
All in all, House of Games provides higher standard for living and playing, as they are really perfectionists...
They have the experience of being on stage with Paradise Lost, Skunk Anansie, Jethro Tull and Faith No More and THE RASMUS, on their 2005 European tour, w:a:s:p: and
House of Games recorded songs in USA with world-famous producer Kevin (Caveman) Shirley - Aerosmith, Dream Theater, HIM, Iron Maiden, Rush etc (see also in Bennett Studios. Tracks were mastered at Masterdisk Studios in NYC by Howie Weinberg (mastering credits Metallica, Def Leppard, Nirvana, Faith No More, Rammstein, LimpBizkit etc).
House of Games made small tour in New York City, playing in legendary rockclubs as CBGB, Don Hill`s and KnittingFactory etc.
House of Games recorded an album in Seawolf Studios in Finland. Hiili Hiilesmaa - the well-known producer, who`s credits are HIM, Apocalyptica etc, mixed the House of Games 12 tracks in FinnVox studios.
The songs were mastered in Masterdisk Studios in New York City by Howie Weinberg.
In 2006 HOG toured together with WASP on their Dominator World Tour in Europe.
Since spring 2007 HOG has NEW lineup. 2 young and talented musicians - Ian Mikael as drummer and Mart as bass joined their forces with House of Games - and now HOG is stronger than ever!
-HOG album Rise and Shine was released in Europe on 5th of November 2007. Album promotion tour happened
in October- November in UK, supported by heavy ad campaign.

HOG signed with Live Nation Finland in July 2008.