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It was 1994 when Erik and 4 other Estonian guys started to make music that ruled the rock music scene and still does, as the album House of Games that was released on the year 94 is rarity and considered an example of professional rock. The time between 1994 and current time has brought many changes as well in line-up as the music business scene in general.
As all of us know, quality rock never dies - it changes even to the better and more vital life-form to the evolutional product of quality rock for quality people - the music that House of Games wants to give to the beloved fans around the world.
The House of Games current material – album Rise and Shine and singel EviI In Needle / Hunter material is innovative, sometimes aggressive, sometimes melodic and mood driven, but always powerful rock, influenced by good, quality rock bands through ages, custom-built to captivate audiences with their energy and quality-soaked music. The members are dedicated songwriters, very talented and innovative subjects determined to create sound of their own.
Their musical and spiritual passion is apparent in lyrical content and physical presence, making the stage more a battery of good energy than a traditional place of simple playing and casual song.
Above all this - subjects display acute and rare instrumental and vocal capabilities unusual desire to work.
All in all, House of Games provides higher standard for living and playing, as they are really perfectionists...
They have the experience of being on stage with Paradise Lost, Skunk Anansie, Jethro Tull and Faith No More and THE RASMUS, on their 2005 European tour, w:a:s:p: and
House of Games recorded songs in USA with world-famous producer Kevin (Caveman) Shirley - Aerosmith, Dream Theater, HIM, Iron Maiden, Rush etc (see also in Bennett Studios. Tracks were mastered at Masterdisk Studios in NYC by Howie Weinberg (mastering credits Metallica, Def Leppard, Nirvana, Faith No More, Rammstein, LimpBizkit etc).
House of Games made small tour in New York City, playing in legendary rockclubs as CBGB, Don Hill`s and KnittingFactory etc.
House of Games recorded an album in Seawolf Studios in Finland. Hiili Hiilesmaa - the well-known producer, who`s credits are HIM, Apocalyptica etc, mixed the House of Games 12 tracks in FinnVox studios.
The songs were mastered in Masterdisk Studios in New York City by Howie Weinberg.
In 2006 HOG toured together with WASP on their Dominator World Tour in Europe.
Since spring 2007 HOG has NEW lineup. 2 young and talented musicians - Ian Mikael as drummer and Mart as bass joined their forces with House of Games - and now HOG is stronger than ever!
-HOG album Rise and Shine was released in Europe on 5th of November 2007. Album promotion tour happened
in October- November in UK, supported by heavy ad campaign.

HOG signed with Live Nation Finland in July 2008.


Evil In Needle

Written By: Erik Meremaa/Kalle Vilpuu

Lyrics: Erik Meremaa

What you wanna do
What you wanna do
Liquid in needle
What you wanna do
Do you wish that`s there`s a living proof----in needle?

What you wanna do
What you wanna do
One move is fatal
You gotta run
But your boots seem stick to the glue

Evil In Needle
It`s killing and dragging you down
Evil In Needle
It`s burning you out
There`s Evil In Needle

What you wanna do
When life is blue
Some place in nowhere
What you wanna do
When it rules your life---you are doomed---that`s needle!!!
What you wanna do, almighty you ?
You meet your Judas
What you wanna do
He betrays you in any case soon…

Ave Maria

Written By: Erik Meremaa

Life, I just want to bite my slice-to feel all-right
Empty desert on my side, cause poor man can’t shine
Just mine, I’ve got nickel in my hand, I’m so alive
I feel like cured, but
Wiseman said greed is ocean,
Drowning is the last emotion

Father, please forgive me and tell me where you are, there´ s a problem
I’m in love with greed -so please set me free

Lights, I just want to bite myself to realize
To see the greed is blind
It’s burning inside
Sometimes you work all day you work all night
You´ re the moneymaker
Wiseman said greed is ocean,
Drowning is the last emotion

Father, please forgive me and tell me where you are, there´ s a problem
I’m in love with greed -so please set me free
To see the greed is blind

Father please forgive me and tell me where you are, there´s a problem
I’m in love with greed -so please set me free


Single - Evil In Needle 2005
Single - Hunter 2005
Recorded, produced and mixed by Kevin (Caveman) Shirley (credits Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, The RUSH etc), USA 2005.
Mastered- Howie Weinberg (credits Metallica, Whitney Houston, Nirvana etc) at Masterdisk studios, NYC, USA 2005.

Album Rise and Shine, 2006
House of Games album is recorded in Finland at Seawolf Studios, mixed in Finland by Hiili Hiilesmaa (worldfamous rock-producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (credits - Apocalyptica, The HIM, Sepultura etc).
at Finnvox Studios. Mastered at Masterdisk Studios (mastering engineer Howie Weinberg), NYC,USA.

Set List

The list of the songs consists of only House of Games own songs.
No coversongs.
They can perform ca 1 h - 1h 30 min.