House of Isness

House of Isness


virtuostic violin with stream of consciousness vocals. funky, steady groove. bass driven. simple, catchy melodies. with a touch of ambience. ecletic- one moment bluegrass, the next a heavy symphonic rock saga.


House of Isness is a band started by multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Rob Hecht (formerly of Blue Merle). It features Evan Marien (currently a Berklee College of Music student) on bass, Danny Hynds (an ethereal genius), and the tastiest drumming this side of the Mississippi by Jordan Snow.

wayfarin stranger, bOnE fiddle-n-harmony style: thaT'S SOME heavy, real monumEntALLY powerful stuff that you'd either have to travel 1000's of miles to find or just have the good fortune to run into a magic man/band such as yours' elves...

and that mandolin playing.. jimmypage got nothin on you.. you got the fire on both instruments for sure, way to burn, baby! you got that slithering serpent style fiddle mojo bag like i 'aven't heard before!

but hearing 2 sets after lisnin to that ep.. i'm just really noticing the high-planes-ness of it, the atmospherics that you guys create.. that thought fully fermented while danny was doing the thing with the delay/sampler effect on NO Sunshine..

..and it went along with what I'd been listening to.. Astor Piazzolla... the way that guy's sound really WAS Beunos Aries, you can hear it in every one of his songs: just that sound of street life.. what's going on, something here, something there, what's the weather like?

Usually it would tend to be more of a Morricone vibe with you guys( the bridge on "Eternal Now?" is great and does remind me heavily of Syd Barrett's Floyd, like something great that they never did..)

Cuz you did ask: what do we sound like? and that's a very clever question, almost a dare, because when you're not consciously trying to ape anyone... i would'nt want to call that bluff, if that's what it is..



Written By: music: Alex Foote; lyrics: Rob Hecht

There's a girl with dreads, dressed in red, whose smile struck me like the sun. Her energy inspired me, but now I've only just begun. As I walk the streets, there lies a leaf, back pocket bound for you. On the path of life, there's always surprise, but now that's just half the fun. So just get outside, embrace your life, don't stop until you're through. Cherish your breath, each one take deep, just like Reed's Ginger Ale. At the soiled dove, I fell in love, she was a hurricane. She took my hand, would not let go, but who am I to complain. She is beautiful, full of life, and brought me to my knees. In laughter, and love so deep, heaven on earth complete. While in the maze, Holly Blaise, came into my life. A beauty so rare, I did stare, and stutter a hello. Walked out the door, but what for, and I did go back inside. Spontaneity in the Salvation Army, I'll tell them upon my knee. So just get outside, embrace your life, don't stop until you're through. Cherish your breath, each one take deep, just like Reed's Ginger Ale.


EP's- "Everything was Beautiful" "And Nothing Hurt" We have streamable mp3's at (we will have mp3's up here on 7/16/06!

Set List

Eternal Now
Wakening Day
Out Beyond Ideas
Haec Maestas
Chipmunk Dance

Covers: some Foo Fighters, Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead.