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Unexplained art, post-apocalyptic mental illnesses, substances from foreign deserts, erotic rebellions, soft violence, and a little death.

Formed in 2008, House of Light is an underground band based in Berlin though none of the members come from Germany. With roots in new wave, 80s and psychedelic music, they have been comapared to groups as varied as Joy Division, Nick Cave, Radiohead, the Doors and Sonic Youth.
All songs are written by J de Vries and Valentina Veil. The music is often described as dark and melodic. The lyrics tend to have a lyrical or post-romantic bent reminiscent of the optimism and of the 80s and the laments of the 90s.
In 2010, with the addition of Valentina Veil on vox and keyboards, the sound of the band became increasingly psychedelic. A second guitarist Diego Ferri (guitarist for Chinawoman) was also joined the group and brought size to the overall sound of the House of Light or HOL as they were also known to their fans.
In the same year their first album "Come Into My Night" came out through Pale Music International and later Neon Sigh Records (USA Seattle) with some positive acclaim amongst the underground press in Europe. The album, with songs of lameted loss of soul, and urban angst mixed a dark pop sensibility with some post-rock sounds and some electronic elements.
In the wake of their USA tour they are recording their 2nd Album a more electronic album produced by Valentina Veil and are in the middle of monthly single releases.

House of Light's first album "Come INto My Night is now available in these record stores.


210 Thompson St. between w. 3rd and Bleecker St. in the heart of the West Village. Conveniently located near the W.4th subway stop downtown.
Sunday – Thurs. – 11AM to 10PM
Friday – Sat. – 11AM to 11PM
ph 212-254-1100


OYE Records
Oderberger Str. 4 (Eberswalderstr)
Tel. +49 (0)30 66647821 ·
mo-fr 13-20h | sa 12-19h


Everyday Music, 1931 Sandy Blvd.

Bookings & Management -

Label -

'a post-apocalyptic stab at the sun'' - 4Q VERY MUCH (AU)

''an electric odyssey, in an out of darkness'' - BERLIN IS (DE)

''destined to be some kind of indie classic, when it finally reaches the right ears'' PLANET OF SOUND (USA)


'an erotic rebellion onstage, volatile and brooding' – INPRESS (AU)

'dark, sexy, and unpredictable, with much irony in their name. Haunting harmonies and layers of lush melody abound.' ' with roots in new wave. A volatile rock band on stage one minute and cooled down balladeers the next... strong melodies with a dark twist. Words evoke the forces of nature and the good and evil shades and shadows that flicker in men. The music is layered in lush melodies and psychedelic riffs evoking Bowie, Joy Division and Nick Cave with vocal comparisons to Morrissey and Morrison ' – RUDI ZARSOFF, Biographer (UK)

'There's more than a whiff of the 80s in this dark new-wave sound. They keep it rocking with pumping drums and bass, and gritty guitar sounds, but their lyrics and melodies are melancholy, sometimes deliciously miserable, and the whole effect is often reminiscent of some early goth acts like The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission. Mainly though, it stays in more mainstream territory than that. Accomplished and heartfelt' LIVEUNSIGNED (USA)

'Watching the singer twist and writhe onstage is hynotising, and at times embarrasingly sensual. The androgeny of his image is disturbing to some and endearing to others. And watching him perform is like watching a birth onstage. Of what I don't know - POPBOMB (USA)

'At times HOL were like theatre. A little menacing immanence about to break into spectacle, like watching the deconstruction of a bomb. Then suddenly the danger would be over and you were thrown into a different discomfort and the sudden fragility of what is before you. Valentina Veil's face is pale and child-like as she holds a strange and beautiful note. A breath of emptiness. Then again, de Vries croons deep over stormy bass lines and the apocalypse is looming again. Safety is over“ - UNKNOWN PLEASURES (DE)

''A girl comes over to him and assaults him onstage. She runs off leaving him physically shocked but with very minor injuries. But the essential meaning is residue in the air. There is something going on here'' Jack K, HOL Manager.

''A psychedlic blend of dark 80s pop and modern electronica. But without the tackiness of techno or the tedium of modern rock bands'' Philippa Hole, HateWave (USA)

''Cracks in the pavement, cracks in the walls, cracks in the hallowed halls. Cracks in the stories of hollywood's whores!' de Vries wails over a noisy organ noise wall. ''Too late, too late, too late to wait! Give me a war to end all wars!“ Then the first riffs of Thread come on, and you somehow feel you're in a for an explosive ride – INDIE OUT (USA)

- Neon Sigh/Pale Music


Still working on that hot first release.



Currently at a loss for words...