House of Never

House of Never

 Austin, Texas, USA

House of Never is one part Don Quixote, dreaming what can never be, two parts child of Neverland, never growing up, and three parts never-you-mind... all culminating into a progressive pop rock soundscape reaching out over the horizon, pounding its sound waves against your beating eardrums at the shores of your mind.


Twittering about in the Air Room of the House of Never is Daniel Lee James, player of vocal chordings, balancer of strums and tingler of keys.

Dwelling within the Fire Room is Clay Finley, shredder of stringed notes and howler of the night.

Swimming about in the Water Room is Van Hoisington, Jr., bringer of the sub-sonic, plucker and slider of threads, and tooter of horns.

The Earth Room is rooted by John McKean, sower of the beats of love and angst, clobberer of ferocious rhythms.


Artist:  House of Never
Album:  House of Never
Release Date:   Oct 23, 2013
Genre:  Progressive Rock, Pop Rock 
Location:  Austin, Texas
Members:  Daniel Lee James, Van Hoisington Jr, Clay Finley, John McKean
Label:  Simian Music