house on a hill

house on a hill


House on a hill has a melodic post-rock sound that draws influences from sources as diverse as punk and motown. They make math rock accessible and pop songs interesting. Having two vocalists their music has been called a diamond in the rough within their genre.


If you’re walking along a row of Seattle storefronts and happen to hear a few notes from a familiar song plucked by a completely crush worthy member of the opposite sex, how would you make your move? If you’re Sara Kermanshahi, front-maiden of House on a Hill, you walk right up to that 18 year-old son-of-a-gun, swipe his guitar and shred out one of your own. Cedar Apffel, and his guitar, took a shine to Sara eight years ago and they’ve been making music together ever since.

The long time couple played in First Last Chance in 2001 and, like most first bands, used the experience to build their chops, find their musical direction, and learn the industry basics. As the first taste wore off Cedar and Sara invited high school friend and Cornish College of the Arts jazz drummer, Carlos Moncada, to be the final brick in building House on a Hill. Their first self-titled album generated enough attention in the Seattle area to earn consistent rotation on KEXP, and receive album of the week honors while being on the Top 50 best sellers list at Easy Street Records.

House on a Hill’s wide audience appeal stems from their panoramic scope as musicians and their global interests as humans. The trio has provided the score for plays like Call In the Family, Fringe the Puyallup, and Psycho Beach Party at small independent playhouses in Seattle, all while booking and playing club shows throughout the northwest. Away from stage and studio, House on a Hill keep things interesting by setting up camp on the path least traveled.

Cedar runs his own window cleaning business and spends day after day admiring views of the evergreen state from the windows of other people’s homes. For their last west coast tour Cedar and Sara wanted to experience each stop in full effect by unhooking their bikes from the back of their van and going on frequent rides to explore their surroundings. Sara is also fluent in Farsi, which comes in handy for visiting family members in Iran. Carlos spends his days with a birds eye view of the Pacific Northwest as professional tree climber and arborist. With so many varying perspectives at their disposal it’s no wonder that House on a Hill become your trustworthy guides to their elevated musical perception.

House on a Hill’s, Ladyslipper, contains velvety guitars, sparse, pouty strings, and seductive vocals that cascade over tender drumming. Ladyslipper shivers through shy sized instrumental breaks and bridges to allow you plenty of time to digest their dynamic soundscapes. House on a Hill's Ladyslipper, will be released March 28th 2006 on Buttermilk Records.


house on a hill /self-titled -2002, self-released
Layslipper-2005, Buttermilk Records

Set List

Arcadia, Gyspy, Playing a Part, Back of your head, Figurine, See you Later, G.A.N., Moving Room, Baby on Board, China Walls...
Our set is usually 45 -1 hour.