House Rules

House Rules


House Rules is a 4 man rock band. Their broad sound is influenced by artists including The Dave Matthews Band, The John Mayer Trio, Snow Patrol, Ben Harper, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. A hint of jazz influence can also be detected, in unique guitar progressions and impressive jams.


House Rules is a four piece rock band out of Ottawa. The band started as an acoustic duo, with Lucas Haneman and Dave Hawley playing gigs around central and west Ottawa. The decision to expand to a full band came late in 2006, when they started targeting more and larger venues. They invited local jazz musician, Pat Denroche, to come jam with them, and after one practice with him, they had found their drummer. Soon to follow was a friend of Lucas's; classical bassist Blake Martin.

House Rules shows just how wide the spectrum of rock is, influenced by the vitruoso jazz and blues sounds of The Dave Matthews Band and The John Mayer Trio, to the epic spacial arrangements of Snow Patrol, all the way to the more agressive tones taken by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with nothing missed in between!

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House Rules has a four track demo available for sale right now for $5.00. This demo is always available at their performances. You can also listen to their music online at

"Home", House Rules' first full lenth release is expected to be available early August of 2008.

House Rules can be heard on the Carleton University radio station: CKCU 93.1 FM in the Ottawa area, and a recording of their live performance and interview on CKCU can be downloaded from .

Set List

House Rules primarily plays originals. Currently, they have 12 songs that are performance ready:

1. Don't Hide
2. Get Some More
3. Go On
4. Alex's Song
5. Home
6. Here We Go Again
7. Spectrum
8. What Would You Know
9. Size of Lives
10. Okay
11. Out Your Lights
12. Waiting

The band also has many covers prepared, and can learn specific covers are the request of the event host.