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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Adult Contemporary


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"London Daily Telegraph"

'Mom rock' will teach the punks a thing or two
By Catherine Elsworth
(Filed: 18/07/2005)

Suburban mothers who do daily battle on the school run are not your average rockers and their songs about breastfeeding, washing dirty socks and burning the dinner do not exactly mine traditional rock 'n' roll themes.

But women seeking to redefine motherhood are picking up guitars and drum sticks for "mom rock", a musical movement gathering momentum in America and soon, they hope, the world.

Bands such as Housewives on Prozac in New York, Placenta and Rockin' Moms in California and Frump in Texas began rehearsing in basements and attics, thrashing out punk songs about everyday problems.

Eat Your Damn Spaghetti, Dishwashing Blues and Pee Alone are some of the tracks that have given the ''mom rockers'' recognition.

There is an annual festival, Mamapalooza, across eight cities and next week sees the release of the first all ''mum rock'' compilation CD.

"A lot of women are strong individuals. But when we become moms, often the only identity we have is to go back to some retro image of the Fifties housewife," said Joy Rose, 48, a mother of four from New York who is seen as the movement's founder.

"This is about saying 'I am a mom and a person'. You don't have to become a cookie cutter, you can continue to explore who you are in the world. We're spreading the message that moms rock."

Mrs Rose, who formed Housewives on Prozac and launched Mamapalooza, is struggling to keep pace with the number of bands springing up.

"It's gone into crazy mode," she said. "Our message is down to earth: we all have a hard time, we work hard and have issues to deal with, but music is our Prozac. It is very freeing."

The mom rock movement comes amid a growth in publications and other media targeted specifically at women, especially mothers. Hip Mama, an online magazine, "bursts with political commentary and ribald tales from the front lines of motherhood". The television series Desperate Housewives satirises life as a housewife in affluent suburbia.

Housewives on Prozac was inspired by Mrs Rose's "experience as a mother of four having crash-landed in the suburbs after moving from Soho in New York".

She said: "I looked around and saw people stuck in the middle of raising kids with difficult jobs and I was hell-bent on creating some fun.

"It seemed much more appropriate to sing about screaming at my kids than doing it."

But while the songs are humorous, the grassroots movement has a serious aim - to "teach mothers to empower themselves through their art and get out there".

- Mom Rock Teaches Punks A Thing Or Two



“If you like music, comedy and showmanship, these Housewives are for you. But, be warned: the serious undercurrents of their songs can sweep you up and pull you into a deeper level consciousness and connection, taking you to surprising places along the emotional terrain.” -- Westchester Weekly

"Backed up by the hard-rocking Housewives, Rose doesn't disappoint. She screams, struts and swings her blond hair around like a whip. There is nothing tame about Joy Rose or her music." -- The Journal News

“Ms. Rose’s story is as theatrically compelling, as for example, Hedwig’s in the off-off Broadway rock hit, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” . . . The songs work better.” -- Back Stage

“Their show, a blend of monologue and songs, explores a trajectory of emotion, the elation and exhaustion of parenthood and the triumphs and disappointments of professional achievement. “I wipe my baby’s chin with my college diploma and wonder, ‘Did I walk all this way in my fuzzy slippers?’ ” -- Spotlight Magazine

“Housewives On Prozac aren’t just a band, they’re a way of life. Their buoyant rock sound will get you on your feet.” -- Next Guide, Heritage of Pride Rally, NYC

“Think Rocky Horror meets Carol Brady and you’ll get the charm of Housewives On Prozac.” -- Child Magazine

“Mom of four, Joy Rose camps up a cabaret’n’roll shtick you might compare to Hairspray meets My Fair Lady meets Sir Monte Rock III.” -- The Village Voice

"Joy Rose likes to go for shock value -- She shocked me! Housewives On Prozac really know how to rock! These six talented women aren't afraid to flex their muscles and tell it like it is. The audience is made up of moms, daughters, husbands, wives friends and coworkers of all different ages. That's exactly how Joy likes it."
-- Connecticut Weekend News

"HOP is an over the top rock band that performs songs about the drudgery of cleaning while accessorizing with plastic dolls and cereal boxes. Rose moans, grunts and shows off her vibrato on songs like "Slow Motion Emotion" and "Heart Wants" with a soulful, theatrical sound -- A cross between Heart and The B-52's, but visually very Pricilla, Queen of the Desert." -- The News-Times Weekend

"I went to see Housewives expecting some tacky reject novel of Danielle Steele -- Yet I loved it. Joy Rose, whose bright, shining, humorous, loving and warm performance interprets life around her through song." -- The Record-Review

“You would have thought you were at Woodstock, they way they were dancing in the aisles and getting into it. The first album, “No Prescription Required” reflects Joy’s quirky brand of humor and wicked sex appeal. The songs embody the sweet-sour poignancy and humor that comes with straddling two very different worlds - That of a mid-life rocker and mom.” -- Big Apple Parent Magazine/Westchester Parent - Assorted

"The Washington Post"

"I wrapped my head around creating
a new genre of music called 'mom
rock.' I saw it as a cross between a
new art form and a self-help
movement that would honor women
in their role of motherhood," says Joy
Rose. "It's about the humor, madness and
chaos of a mother's life." Pre-marriage,
Rose had a rocketing career in a post-
punk art band and as a solo '80s dance
club performer; she met her husband
while making a video for MTV.

With her band - Housewives on Prozac,
she hit school fund-raisers, church basements, really any
place with a stage and willing listeners.
Unlike Billboard hits about lustful
pubescents and overwrought breakups
, the band's songs could have been
penned by a cranky Mister Rogers:
"Fuzzy Slippers," "I Don't Think Like
My Mom Anymore" and "Pee Alone,"
about just wanting to use the toilet
without an audience.
My needs are simply simple
Succinctly defined
I just wanna read the paper
Just wanna talk on the phone
Just wanna take a shower
And I only want to pee alone - April, 2005

"Rockin' Moms"

Friday October 14 2005
Rockin' Moms
6/21/2005 5:55 PM
By: Ivanhoe Newswire

(BRIDGEPORT, Conn.) -- Sex, drugs
and rock and roll has been the mantra
of rock music for a long time. But one
mother is turning that image on its
head as she proves that giving birth
doesn't mean giving up the need to

Meet Joy Rose,
mom rocker who's blasting
motherhood stereotypes with her
band: Housewives on Prozac.

But her kids aren't her only inspiration. A diagnosis of lupus after having her
fourth child drove some of her lyrics.
She underwent a kidney transplant at
age 43.

"For me, it as a wake-up call really to
live my life in a more expansive way.

And in doing so, she is fulfilling her
own musical dreams. It's a message
the band members stand behind.
Guitarist Jane Getter said, "I think its
important that moms realize that they
don't just have to just be a mom,
they can do other things and still be a
great mom."
- Ivanhoe Headline News

"USA Today"

"....the rules of motherhood are being
radically rewritten--with a snarl, cymbal
crash and power E-chord that would
make the lads in AC/DC stand and
salute." --USA Today
- Housewives On Prozac

"Hey Mom, Play 'Free Bird'"

Hastings-on-Hudson-based Housewives
on Prozac singer Joy Rose (mother of
three teenage boys and a 10- year-old
girl) calls mom rock "a cross between
an art movement and a self-help
movement." A former club singer,
Rose founded the band in 1997 after
"crash-landing from SoHo into the
middle of the suburbs" and wondering
what to do with her time.

"I'm not just a rocker anymore or a
mom, I'm a mom who rocks and it's a
specific category," Rose stresses. With
HoP set to release its latest single,
"Mrs. President," next month, Rose
agrees that mom rock has emerged
from Gen Xers' challenging the
traditional definition of motherhood.
For her, though, it's as much about
setting an example as breaking any
taboos. "I'm out there to be vibrant
and passionate, and send a message
to my daughter that life doesn't end
at 20, 30, 40........ - The Daily News, NYC Sept '05


Housewives On Prozac - LIVE 2004
No Prescription Required - LIVE 1998
Mrs. President - Single 1996
I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At The Mall - Single '05
5 Song EP 2008
Joy Rose SOLO- The Marshall Project
All available on i-tunes,,



As seen on stages as varied as Giant's Stadium, Corporate Fundraisers, Women's Festivals, Pride Rallys, Private functions, Classic Rock Clubs, and Theaters since 1997. Speaking engagements. Women's Media Center Speaker, author featured in HOT MOMS ClUB. + Weekly Radio on Chick Chat & Billboard Charts. Music includes, some trombone, accordian and pots & pans.

The Pioneers of MAMAPALOOZA Festival, nationally inspiring people across the country. A combination of Queen and Frank Zappa; Just ROCK and GOOD-FUN-WEIRD. Shows are tailored to specific events. All ages. Sounds like: Quote: Carol Brady meets Rocky Horror Picture Show.'Not just a band - Its a way of life!'