Housing Authority
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Housing Authority

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop


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"Housing Authority– Herb N’ Development"

A little while ago in October, I was able to see Housing Authority perform at a showcase during CMJ week. It’s kind of funny when you go to a Hip Hop show and you can tell the difference between real ‘heads and regular people. You can always spot regular folk because if they see an act they never heard of, they just stand there like the slow kids in class. Personally, if the beats are banging and the lyrics is ill that’s all you need– no Bill Cosby sweaters or special edition kicks necessary. Case in point: I seen these cats perform and I was like, I need bump their shit. So I started off with their 06′ Album, Project Building and was waiting for some new material….

Housing Authority - Siiight!!! ft. K. Ville

Their latest “grindtape”, Herb N’ Development, just dropped on 11/28 and it’s dope. The tape listens more like an album and it features original production from group member and rapper Mic Duela, as well as some familiar and not so familiar instrumentals from the likes of Black Milk, Jake One and Salaam Remi. Lyrically, both Faceoff and Mic Duela go heavy on the tracks. Both are witty, insightful, and introspective as well. There are many different ways to beast on a track and with these cats, they prefer strategically, like a surgeon with a scalpel.

They’re quick with the wordplay. Tt won’t go over your head but you might have to do a double take though. On The Truth, Duela spits something like, “Forever grime, never kind like rewind please, mos def, get jacked black, left behind peace”. That’s a lot allusions in one damn line son! On EZ As That, Faceoff delivers an equally crazy rhyme, “This is my life water, so be it for hood’s sake. No vitamins, i’ll invite em in, take 50 of many men with any pen…”. Housing is not alone on this tape, they’re joined a couple of times by the designated hook sang-ah K. Ville, and the interesting lyricism of Long Island Ice B [that dude hilarious ie: Fuck U Girl--Trust, it's what you think lol]

Housing Authority - Grind!

They’re reppin the LI and Jaimaica Queens and you definitely get that feel from them. Their self produced tracks are brisk and mellow and you could argue [you may not win] they’re reminiscent of Mobb, but without all the gun and crack references. They just stick with the herb and they read a lot more books–atleast they sound like they do. We’ll definitely be bumping this for minute prolly until the next tape comes out, so check the download here and in the side bar. We will definitely keep ya’ll posted on Housing Authority’s latest “developments”. [ha] - TheOvun.com

"LISTEN TO THIS: Herb N'Development (Housing Authority)"

I have a firm belief that there is a lot of good hip-hop out there. But with the advent of the Internet as a viable medium to distribute new music, its easy to get lost in the shuffle. There are a lot of good artists out there who are struggling to be heard and to get the attention of labels and industry cats. The positive side of this is that the quality of the music being brought into the world is going up - that's a good thing for hip-hop. You just need to know where to look.

I was recently slid a copy of Herb N'Development a "grind tape" from NY duo Housing Authority. Mic Duela and Face Off are two currently unsigned dudes hailing from Strong Island and Queens who have already released a well received mixtape, Project Building, back in 2006.

The good thing to know about Housing Authority is that they are rap dudes after my own heart (well, that certainly makes me feel better). They have grown tired of the trap music, bragging on how many bodies you caught or how much weight you move. I have heard many a smart MC say "rap what you know" and HA is doing that. And props to them. Eff a crack game - just trying to get by in NYC can be hectic enough.

From the beginning, Herb N'Development reminds me of 2008 De La, Joe Budden, Talib Kweli and other spitters cut from a similar cloth. Both Duela and Face are nice on the mic and the subject matter is varied enough that it keeps you listening. Both drop lines about things that most heads understand: girls, bills, drama and that there grind. Peep two choice joints:

"Vice City"


Herb N'Development is definitely a solid outing, but there are a few moments where the boys drop their guard. Cats like Duela and Face don't need to do a joint like "Swagger Like Housin", which is just following the crowd. Instead, if you want to hear these dudes spit over a well-known track, check "EZ As That" for the HA treatment of a classic ROC ditty.

I also get the comedic value of "F**k U Girl", but isn't this the same throw away mess that heads get mad at for putting on an album in the first place? I ain't mad at them.

If you're looking for rappers who go in on all types of tracks, then you should check Herb N'Development. These are the guys in a cipher you need to watch for; no punchline kings here, they have rhymes for days. They'll wear you out, son.

Sure, there's no autotune, Lil Wayne appearance, Akon hook or any other stale formula to be had. This is pure sample-driven, boom bap hip-hop. My kind of housing authority. When can I move in? - YourFavoriteWhiteBoy.com


Project: Building LP - http://www.blakfam.com/projectbuilding
Herb N'Development Mix Tape



Brought together by fate, Face Off and Mic Duela are “Housing Authority”. Introduced by coworkers and mutual friends, the two met 4 years ago and immediately recognized their chemistry. The intricate but accessible flow of Face Off complimented by the soulful smooth beats and gritty rhymes of Mic Duela are a perfect fit.

The duo hailing from Southside Queens and Strong Island bring a fresh new approach to hip-hop. They have a true reverence for the past and a keen eye and ear on the future. Like Most hip-hop acts they have a gimmick…that being no gimmick at all. Housing Authority is pure no-frills hip-hop at its best, beats and rhymes and that’s it.

Now joined with BLAK FAM, Housing has re-released there debut street classic “Project: Building” for free download as well as limited edition CD’s to be followed in late 2008 by their latest mixtape/CD.