Houston Boy and Behind the Bleachers

Houston Boy and Behind the Bleachers

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
BandHip Hop

Catchy riffs! Banging Beats! Southern Hiphop and a soulful techniqe! Houston Boy and Behind the Bleachers capture ears every venue they perform. They turn heads no matter the genre prefrence. This is innovation. HipHop and Alternative smash mouth music!


Houston Boy the Pioneer is what they should be calling him! With a swag like no other and a vocab all his own the kid is ahead of his peers. Now a west coast affiliate Houston Boy is boasting a bold new style of himself. Always original Houston has began a new path with his Alternative approach to hip hop. Behind the Bleachers is the sound we have been waiting for! Now fully backed by a band of rebels Houston is prepared to take his sound across the country. Watch your local campus now, its about to be changed forever!

Houston Boy is on the net everywhere. Link with him.


L.A.X. Single - Currently on CD Baby, Yahoo, Kazaa, Amazon. Also KKWD 104.9 Wild Oklahoma City
The Transition 2011.
So Ambitious 2010
My Man Boom Box Edition 2009

Set List

Intro to the Clouds
All i want is you
Top to Bottom
Sky Music