Houston Jones

Houston Jones

 California, USA

Houston Jones is a high-octane Americana quintet from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band performs a strong, original repertoire of folk, bluegrass, blues and gospel music. "A wonderful gem of a band...truly exceptional music...These guys are a rare treat!" - Billboard.com


Houston Jones invites you into a world of musical virtuosity and storytelling ranging from the myths of ancient Greece to the red dirt back roads of Waskom Texas.  The acoustic heart of the band beats with the passion of five lifetimes lived in a musical landscape of revival tents to Irish pubs, New Orleans to the Great Plains to Motown, a church in Cape Cod to a punk club in Berkeley.This explosive, wide-ranging performance will touch your heart and get your feet moving of their own volition.


The Bay Area based high-octane Americana quintet performs a repertoire that ranges from bluegrass and folk to blues and gospel.

Glenn Houston (lead guitars) has been voted Best Guitarist by the Northern California Bluegrass Society, is a past judge of the National Flatpicking Guitar Championship Competition in Winfield, Kansas, and was the founding lead guitarist of the Waybacks.


Travis Jones (lead vocals, guitar), began performing as a child accompanying his mother on gospel tours in the South.  He honed his soulful delivery in his years as a child preacher in churches around his native Shreveport, only to throw down his bible when he saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.


Henry Salvia (keyboards, accordion) has performed with the Johnny Nocturne Band, Bo Diddley, Rickie Lee Jones and Big Jay McNeeley.


Peter Tucker (drums) has deep Americana roots, having performed and recorded with wide array of Americana musicians, including Tim Hardin, Richie Havens, the Beau Brummels, Warren Zevon and Skunk Baxter. Peter was also in the original rhythm section of The Waybacks.

Joshua Zucker (bass) has worked with the Rowan Brothers, Peter Rowan, Caren Armstrong, David Gans, Randy Clark, David Phillips, Garrin Benfield, Dore Coller, Tim Weed, Andrew Freeman and countless others.


The San Francisco Chronicle, in giving Houston Jones its highest review rating for their 6th CD "Queen of Yesterday," described the band as "a confluence of sublime talent".  


Jericho Road

Written By: Chris Kee

Somebody blowin’ their horn
Down on the Jericho Road
It was twilight on the plain
Down with the army of the Lord
They got a basket of bones
Down on the Jericho Road
Bringing Joseph over Jordan
Across the bridge of stones
Out on the Jericho Road
I seen the sun stand still
Moonlight shining in the valley
‘Til the people had their fill
When he call your name
Will you fall down on your knees
Raise your fist in the morning
By night they hang you from a tree
We’ll walk the Jericho Road
Seven times around the walls
Shout it with me children
That’s how the mighty will fall

Where the Sea Meets the Sun

Written By: Chris Kee

She was a highwayman’s daughter
He was a prodigal son
How many times has that story been told
Out where the sea meets the sun
So sing about one for the ages
Sing about life on the run
Sing about love at the end of the road
Out where the sea meets the sun
They took a road without no intention
But to see how far it would run
A blind eye to fate and the rules of the road
Out where the sea meets the sun
It all ended just like it had to
It had to before it begun
The sound of sirens, the moon going down
Out where the sea meets the sun

Gone Boys Gone

Written By: Chris Kee

She’s my Magdalene, I’m her Fred Astaire
Down in Abilene, that’ll pass for debonair
Buck and wing beguine, make those choir boys stop and stare
Gone boys gone, stealing away by morning light
Gone boys gone, rolling away the stone tonight
Gone boys, he’s gone
She’s no virgin queen, I’m no catch of the day
She can’t calm the seas, I can’t swim anyway
But we roll like thieves, through washed up towns with holy names
We move from town to town like stations of the cross
Every other round we say a prayer for the lost
The lost that once was found, but found they could not pay the cost

Ghosts of the Inland Sea

Written By: Chris Kee

Carton of Camels and a fake ID
Looking for a cure for gravity
Fly past the river it’s a 100 degrees
Out there with the ghosts of the inland sea
Can’t call it a freeway
‘Cause every road must take its toll
Can’t call it a highway
‘Cause it’s a long way down that road
Out past Kearney where the river runs slow
Too thick to drink and too thin to plough
Prairie clover gonna make you swoon
A bored out Ford and the pull of the moon
Custer County, now they’re settling down
The cranes have flown, the corn’s in the ground
Life makes its own gravity
Out there with the ghosts of the inland sea

Some Sweet Day

Written By: Chris Kee

I am no father, I am a father’s son
Everything I know I learned on my own
I read in the Bible ‘bout fathers and sons
Ain’t none I’d call my own there, but maybe the one
Why must this be, the sorrow and the mystery?
Adam was the first one, or so we’re told
A man made of clay and a wife made of bone
Adam was a father but never a son
Had two sons of his own, that’s where it all begun
Why must this be, the sorrow and the mystery
We’ll know some sweet day
Ishmael was a wild one, Abraham’s son
Every hand turned against him, and his to everyone
They drove him to the desert, his mama by his side
Turned her back on the boy, said I won’t watch him die
Gonna tell you a story
‘Bout Abraham and Isaac
Isaac and Jacob
Jacob and Esau
Jacob and Joseph
Joseph and his brothers
Joseph and the pharaoh
The pharaoh and Moses
Throwin’ off the chains now
And walking out of Egypt
Crossin’ over Canaan
And walking to Jerusalem
And crossin’ over Jordan
Some sweet day

Ascension Day

Written By: Chris Kee

The pass that year would not clear
Until Ascension Day
On the line between stone and sky
They made their way
Stone and snow dark as undertow
And white as lilies of the field
Soft and low, the stone and snow
Sang “Come to me.”
Oh lord how dark thy decrees
A house behind the timberline
A wheel, a mandolin
Valley haze and mountain sage
Like honey on the wind
The sky goes on like a shape note song
That never seems to end
A love so strong, so strong it makes the moonlight bend
I cannot say who was lost that day
And who has been redeemed
Life reveals its consolations by degrees
Oh lord bless us all and give us peace

Still Waters

Written By: Travis Jones

On our journey here below, its a hard road we travel.
With trials and tribulations, selfishness and greed.
But if we hold the prize before us when our lives become unraveled,
we'll find a glory fountain to supply our every need.
Lead me beside still waters.
When the storm clouds roll, let the angels sing.
Show me the love that this life has to offer,
and shelter me underneath Your wings.
In our home beyond the mountain we will gather by the river.
There'll be no more sorrow, there'll be no more pain.
With no more tears to blind us, we will look upon the Savior.
We'll walk hand in hand with our loved ones again.

It's the Way You Love Me

Written By: Travis Jones

You've been on my mind for such a long time....
Darlin', I miss you.
And I know you want more, but sometimes I wonder...
What more could I give you?
You say you need someone to share,
your life and your love, so I'll try to be clear
Its not the way you move or the things you say.
The smile that I miss when we're far away.
It's the feeling I get everytime you're near, that's making it clear.
This is no mystery, its the way you love me.
Its lonely out here on the road, with no one to hold,
and no one to catch me if I fall.
And I know that its wrong to be out here so long,
you don't have to tell me.
I'm a hard man to know, its true.  But I'll try to explain,
it's the best I can do.
I know you've got questions, and so do I.
But I'm ready, willing and able to give this a try.
At the end of the day, when lights fade to gray and shadows surround me.
I imagine I hear, a voice so clear and it reminds me.
There's no way I'm lettin' you go.
So till the next time I see you, I want you to know.

Pick Up the Snake

Written By: Travis Jones

When I was a boy I heard tell, 'bout a prophet and a prince and a wishin' well.
Waitin' for a sign that was overdue - the well went dry, and the dream did too.

When you're heart is weary and about to break
Don't ask no questions, pick up the snake.
Rock the soul, make the body shake.
Don't ask no questions, pick up the snake.

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief. A price on his head and blood in the street.
Soldiers of the cross in a dance with death - pick up the pieces, and see what's left.


Next Time This Time

Written By: Travis Jones

Sittin here in the mornin' light, been here since late last night.
Wonderin' where I'm bound and what I'm gonna' do.
She called me up, asked me where I'd been - gave her the same ole why's and when's.
Then I threw her love away like a worn out shoe.
She said, "There ain't gonna be a next time this time.
And it makes no sense tryin' to tell myself it'll be just fine.
Cuz' there's a limit to what a heart can take, and sooner or later its bound to break.
There ain't gonna be a next time this time."
The truth burns like the noon-day sun, I gotta face the fact that I was born to run.
No matter where I go or where I've been.
Each love is like the one before, I stumble thru that open door.
Then I pick up the pieces and start all over again.
I won't be sittin' here when the sun goes down, think I'll hit the road cuz' I hate this town.
Pack my bags, and head on out the door.
Countin' white lines on the interstate; can't turn back cuz' its way too late.
And there's a voice inside my head that I can't ignore....it says...


Queen of Yesterday - 2011 - Summerhill Records SR-006

Jericho Road - 2009 - Summerhill Records SR-005

Calico Heart - 2008 - Summerhill Records SR-004

Three Crow Town - 2005 - Summerhill Records SR-003

Hojo Mojo with Chojo - Houston Jones LIVE - 2003 - Summerhill Records SR-002

Houston Jones - 2002 - Summerhill Records SR-001

MP3's at www.houstonjones.com

Jericho Road:

Still Waters:

Gone Boys Gone:

Radio airplay of many of our tracks from at the following stations:
WFCR, 88.5 FM, Amherst, MA
KSOR, 88.3 FM, Ashland, OR
WXOU, 88.3 FM, Auburn Hills, MI
WRKF, 89.3 FM, Baton Rouge, LA
Wellington Access Radio, 783 AM, Belmont, New Zealand
KLFM, 96.5 FM, Bendigo, Australia
KPFA, 94.1 FM, Berkeley, CA
KBSU, 90.3 FM, Boise, ID
WEFT, 90.1 FM, Champaign, IL
WTJU, 91.1 FM, Charlottesville, VA
WNUR, 89.3 FM, Chicago, IL
WLUW, 88.7 FM, Chicago, IL
KSOW, 106.7 FM, Cottage Grove, OR
KKUP, 91.5 FM, Cupertino, CA
KTEP, 88.5 FM, El Paso, TX
CHES, 101.5 FM, Erin, Ontario, Canada
KLCC, 89.7 FM, Eugene, OR
KFSR, 90.7 FM, Fresno, CA
KGLP, 91.7 FM, Gallup, NM
KFOK, 95.1 FM, Georgetown, CA
KEUL, 88.9 FM, Girdwood, AK
CFMU, 93.3 FM, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
WOJB, 88.9 FM, Hayward, WI
WJFF, 90.5 FM, Jeffersonville, NY
WKSU, 89.7 FM, Kent, OH
WMUD, 89.3 FM, Lake Champlain Valley, VT
KPFK, 90.7 FM, Los Angeles, CA
PBS-FM, 106.7 FM, Melbourne, Australia
KYZX, 88.3 FM, Mendocino, CA
KVMR, 89.5 FM, Nevada City, CA
WVUD, 91.3 FM, Newark, DE
WSDL, 90.7 FM, Ocean City, MD
WYEP, 91.3 FM, Pittsburgh, PA
KWMR, 90.5 FM, Point Reyes Station, CA
KBOO, 90.7 FM, Portland, OR
WPRB, 103.3 FM, Princeton, NJ
WOMR, 92.1 FM, Provincetown, MA
CJTR, 91.3 FM, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
KRCB, 91.1 FM, Rohnert Park, CA
KXJZ, 90.9 FM, Sacramento, CA
WSCL, 89.5 FM, Salisbury, MD
KPIG, 1510 AM, San Francisco, CA
KGO, 810 AM, San Francisco, CA
KFOG, 104.5 FM, San Francisco, CA
KALW, 91.7 FM, San Francisco, CA
KCBX, 90.1 FM, San Luis Obispo, CA
KCSB, 91.9 FM, Santa Barbara, CA
KZSC, 88.1 FM, Santa Cruz, CA
KUSP, 88.9 FM, Santa Cruz, CA
KRSH, 95.9 FM, Santa Rosa, CA
KZSU, 90.1 FM, Stanford, CA
WHUS, 91.7 FM, Storrs, CT
KACI, 97.7 FM, The Dalles, OR
KTKE, 101.5 FM, Truckee, CA
CITR, 101.9 FM, Vancouver, BC
WBRS, 100.1 FM, Waltham, MA
WTBQ, 99.1 FM, 1110 AM, Warwick, NY
WETA, 90.9 FM, Washington, DC
KPIG, 107.5 FM, Watsonville, CA

Set List

Mostly original songs from our most recent 4 CDs, "Queen of Yesterday", "Jericho Road", "Calico Heart" and "Three Crow Town". We will play as many sets as the venue or promoter wants, and we can tailor our set length to whatever is required, from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Typical current set list:

Monsoon Horizon
Three Things
I Found a Heart
Lost Without You Blues
Bluebird Sky
Still Waters
Jericho Road
Where the Sea Meets the Sun
Gone Boys Gone
Calico Heart
Bedlam Road
Mighty Red