Houston Road

Houston Road

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We play music that people like to hear. Classic rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass and contemporary christian are all genres that we are comfortable with.


Houston Road

In the spring of 2005, five young men came together to form a musical group on the campus of the College of the Ozarks. Persuing the opportunity of making music of their own, they called the group Houston Road. Early in 2006, Houston Road released their debut album entitled "Life time favor". Shortly afterwards the band opened a my space account "myspace.com/houstonroad" and a few songs developed 1500 listeners in only a few months. The band began to get notice from outside organizations such as the Baub Ice show on 93.5 FM Lake of the Ozarks. The band was featured for an entire hour long episode. A& R select, a marketing firm from Hollywood, California, signed Houston Road on a 1 year marketing deal. A & R marketing promoted the band throughout the United States. A & R's website also held Houston Roads song "Fool" at the top of the charts for 3 consecutive months. The summer of 2007 brought an entirely new horizon for the band when it was selected to perform on national television. The Inspiration channels show C.A.T.S. with host Jason Crabb would feature the group. Upon returning home the band has been able to perform at various churches and state sponsored functions, such as the Tour of Missouri. The group is currently back in the studio working on their latest album "The thunder from the storm" which will be out in the summer of 2008.



Written By: Ashley Napier

Chorus - It's just you and me and I know we can make it
If we just believe, then I know we'll never turn away
You and me, I know we can take it
its easy to see I know we'll never fall away
We can see the light thats in front of us and baby, we'll always believe, that we'll walk across the water

Prechorus - Baby i just know that somewhere out there, is a place even better than we can dream of
Baby I just know it, just follow me there, to the place deep inside our dreams

Verse - Feet in the sand, you take my hand, just like you've done before
Lookin' straight ahead across the horizon, walkin' along the shore
When the water gets deep, and its hard to breathe, I know that you're there for me,
Cause you were made for me, and me for you, by the one who sets us free

Verse2 - New life straight ahead, the past behind us, wont stop until we're there, the things that we've said the people we've known just hope to meet them there
When its hard to see in front of me He sees for me and you, we'll understand that our love's forever true


Houston Road - Lifetime Favor (2006)