Hovercraft Pirates

Hovercraft Pirates

 London, England, GBR

In your face rock, just the right side of heavy with the biggest sound a 3 piece has created in a long time. With sponsors including Jagermeister,Planet Rock, Marshall and ESP the constantly touring band are just getting bigger every second.
(Never mind the fact Alice Cooper is on their cd!)



Originally from the scenic coast of N.Ireland, the Pirates werent happy with the cards they were dealt and went on to change the rules with nothing but shear will power and their music.

Now, based in London they see their second full length album hit stores with rapidly growing success. With names like Alice Cooper and Rick Wakeman appearing on the album and securing endorsements with Marshall, ESP, Jagermeister and Planet Rock never mind completing 3 mind blowing UK tours, opening for Gary Moore, Snoop Dogg, Turbonegro and Parlor Mob ASWELL as being the first Irish unsigned act to play the Warped Tour in the US its very hard not to take them seriously..

When Our wake Hits Your Shore:

"This is beefy, loud, testosterone-fuelled rock ā€˜nā€™ roll that spits from a set of speakers like venomous, unapologetic soundwaves." 8/10 -Rocksound

"Familiarity is key with this bands sound and progression throughout the album. Tracks effortlessly craft a melodic, yet mature sound - that breathes influence of rock and roll history in every note." - Pushtofire.com

"Always Calm" by the adrenaline-infused punk rockers dubbed Hovercraft Pirates is anything but calm! This head-bobbing, jump-up-and-down CD is filled with amazing energy and thrills! Powerful overdriven guitars and groovy drum hooks create an atmosphere of excitement that will make listeners beg for a live show!


Prison Break

Written By: Paul Bluemel

Can you feel the rythm of it?
Feel The beat of it?
Feel the music run in our veins

Were locked in a jail cell without any stereo and I want to go home

you, me, lets get this off our chests
I wont let you get away with it
We were born to clash with each other
Just like I was born for someone

you cant take them away from me
Im too strong and Ill stop
I dont want any of this to change
You, me, its all that Ive wanted

you have got so far
but I will stop it
You have come so far
but I will stop it


Written By: Paul Bluemel

Our boat hit the coast with a bang
We could have still been drunk
We stumbled onto the island with a memory of drinking too much rum
whats your reason here, is there a way we can help you>? I seen a girl from afar
Well darlin, I dont think were drunk enough, can you take us to the bar?

Ive got a lot of stupid questions running through my head
And Ive got to find the answers, right now before Im dead

All the friends I hugged, kissed sometimes, punched and shared drinks with, would all stand and wander in awe with in an island such as this.
With a dictionary I understand every word but I dont have a clue wats going on

I wish my daddy once told me
"Theres nothing you can do. Son lifes gonna kick your ass, its something you gotta get used to"


Always Calm E.P. released in March 2007.. has already got thousands of plays on myspace ( www.myspace.com/hovercraftpirates) and plays on the radio.

New album (Mixtape) was released early in 2008 getting top reviews and scoring airplay on big UK radio stations (such as BBC radio 1 and Planet Rock)

Set List

We avoid covers as we never need them. Our typical set list changes with the crowd, we are very flexible and our sets range from 20 minutes to an hour.