Burbank, California, USA

Progressive beats and deep melodic bass-lines, bringing surprise elements in instrumental twists. From sliding off into deep house to progressive tech, "fresh" is always the common denominator of all his beats.


+Hovsep has been performing and mixing for over 13 years. Though born and raised in Jordan, it was a seven-year stint in his native Armenia where he refined his skill for mixing. Years of club hopping ’til dawn, mixing to different crowds in Erevan culminated in one of the biggest highlights of his career so far: performing at the pan Armenian games before hundreds of thousands from all over the world.

Last summer 2010 saw +Hovsep as a resident DJ at one of Amman’s newest and most popular hot spots, H2O Pool & Lounge. He has also traveled to perform at events in Manchester UK, Beirut and most notably at last fall’s highly acclaimed Autumn Music Festival in Miami.

In Jordan, where the Electronic genre is still being realized, +Hovsep adopts a deeper approach to mixing than most. He credits his uncle – one of the country’s first DJs – for introducing him to the craft, playing records for him as a child and explaining the psychological aspects and theories of mixing.