Howard Markman & Palookaville

Howard Markman & Palookaville

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Looking at the world through soot covered glasses, markman sides through a variety of musical moods with uncommon grace and biting humor. Equal parts Ry Cooder and Woody Allen"


A veteran of the Baltimore music scene, Markman has played with a variety of Mobtown bands. He is probably most recognizable for his stints as guitarist with Baltimores premier improvising roots band Freewater in the 70s and with Disappear Fear, featuring Sonia, in the 90s. Markman drew from the instrumental prowess of the first band and the songwriting ambition of the second to produce three solo CDs, exploring a life that sometimes gets dark, sad, and lonely but can still be a wild and deeply satisfying ride. He continues to evade the musical border police with Palookaville, a collaborative project featuring master musicians Glenn Workman, Chas Marsh, and Jim Hannah. 


almost home

Written By: howard markman

Almost Home

almost heaven, i'm all most gone
almost right, so i'm all most wrong
it's almost Sodom, it's all most Rome
i'm almost there, i'm all most home

i'm almost happy, that's all most good
i'm almost doing, the things i should
it's almost perfect, like syrafoam
i'm almost there, i'm all most home

there's a light in the window, a garland on the door
smoke from the chimney, there's a rug on the floor
i see it so clearly, where ever i roam
i'm almost there, i'm almost home

it's almost midnight, it's all most tomorrow
i'm almost full, from all i beg, steal, and, borrow
i'm almost hopefull, when i pick up the phone
i'm almost there, i'm almost home

it's almost your smile, it's almost your eyes
i almost see through all your fears and the lies
i can almost believe that it's mine to own
it's almost you, i'm almost home

big hair

Written By: howard markman

Big Hair

big hair no brains
after the sex all that remains
dumb luck, a shinny car
who would have guessed you go this far?

nice suit no style
one in a million rank and file
throw your weight throw your voice
make them think it’s a choice

nice wrapping - pretty bows - taste and touch and all that shows
if it quacks or if it sings, it’s all in the packaging

big chest no heart
is this where the trouble starts
all the attention undeserved
your intentions are more than inferred

bright lights no illumination
how did we get in this situation?
who you are & what you know
look behind shadows grow

pennies on the floor

Written By: howard markman

Pennies on the Floor

she greeted me, i only knocked twice
well come on in, roll the dice
nice place you've got, something sure smells good
make yourself at home, i wish i could
so i sat down, kept the talk small
as she turned around to shut the door
then it caught my eye, everywhere i looked
staring up at me, pennies on the floor
pennies on the floor, begging for attention
pennies on the floor, asking my intentions
pennies on the floor, signpost though a maze
pennies on the floor, to coin a phrase

introduced as strangers, we both knew our lines
i talked about the middle east, she closed the blinds
candles in her eyes and that half smile on her lips
at the base of my spine my defenses slip
i said i should be leaving, but it came out can i stay
feel that i've been hear before
that's when i realized, somethings cannot be denied
simple as these pennies on the floor
pennies on the floor, break it to me slow
pennies on the floor, how much further must i go
pennies on the floor, like sleeping on nails
pennies on the floor, call it heads or tails


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Song Placement - ?Almost Home (from "Half Smiles Blue Skies) on PBS’s “Carrier”