Howard Hues

Howard Hues

 New York City, New York, USA

Postmodernism is fun. Good vibes are fun. Watching a virtuoso pianist jam out on synths while supplying his own beats is fun. People are good. Music is good. Nature is good. Life is more beautiful than anything I could ever hope to create, but I do my best to make this hard to believe.


Howard Hues comes from parts unknown and creates some of the sweetest vibes and coolest grooves imaginable. Combining influences from Deadmau5 and The Grateful Dead to David Lynch and Federico Fellini, he gets inside your head, stays there, and makes you think happy thoughts for the rest of your wonderful existence.


Trust The Piper - Single
You Look Tasty (Euphemism) - Single
Pillow (The Art of War) - Single
No Logic In My House - Single

Self Monster Number 8 and The Last 9, or The Postmodern Science of Comedy in 10 Easy Steps (Debut album, coming soon)

Set List

No Logic In My House - Howard Hues
Hello Happy - Howard Hues
The Song On Your Wall - Howard Hues
Pillow (The art of war) - Howard Hues
Trust The Piper - Howard Hues
Fire on The Mountain - The Grateful Dead (with supafun improv)
Dirt Deep Drilla - Cookie Monsta (with supafun improv)
N E V E R O D D O R E V E N - Howard Hues
You Look Tasty (Euphemism) - Howard Hues
Answer - Howard Hues
The Song On My Wall - Howard Hues
Hello - Howard Hues