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Howard Shapiro

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I have been writing, performing and recording my original music since 1975 My songs address issues such as protection of the environment, human rights and peace. We also have a 12 piece band called Kumanu. We play many different genres including R & B, rock, ballads and Hawaiian contemporary.


As a songwriter and recording artist I have spoken out through my music addressing social and environmental issues. My music career began in 1975 when I began writing about the struggle of the native Hawaiian people for their land and cultural rights. This soon expanded to include songs with themes concerning environmental protection, world hunger and poverty and human rights.

In 1977 songwriter Michael Joao and I created the musical group `Aina (Land). In 1978 we released our first recording entitled Greenpeace: To Save the Whales/A Shift in the Wind. This was a benefit record for Greenpeace and The Hunger Project. From 1977-1980, `Aina performed at concerts, festivals, and fundraisers supporting organizations promoting the protection of the environment, the preservation of native Hawaiian culture, the ending of hunger etc. In 1980, `Aina released it’s first album Lead Me to the Garden. The album spoke of our collective need to live in peace with one another and with the earth.

In 1981 I embarked on my solo career. I produced and recorded two single releases. These recordings supported the work of the Hale Naua III Society of Hawaiian Artists and the Hawaii Council of American Indian Nations.

In 1986 I felt moved to create the Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace. Building on my commitment to numerous causes, I formed this non-profit organization as a means for other artists to create works that would address social and environmental issues. In 1987, the organization received the Peace Messenger Award from the United Nations.

My travels have taken me to cities across the United States as well as to international venues in Canada, Russia, Europe, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.

I am currently working with other performing artists in Hawai`i addressing the issue of substance abuse and addiction. I am performing with my group Kumanu in a concert series entitled We Are`Ohana-Working Together to Heal Our Islands. I am also currently working with Kumanu on a new CD entitled Earth Patriot that is scheduled for release in the October 2007.

Kumanu is a group of some of the most talented musicians and vocalists from the island of Hawai`i.
when we perform together we use our music to address the issue of substance abuse and addiction. We also include in our performances music that addresses the issues of protecting the environment and respecting the political and cultural rights of the Native Hawaiian people and other indigenous peoples.


She Will Survive

Written By: Howard Shapiro

I hear there's talk going round
How we're tearing this old
world down
Burning up her forests cutting down her trees
Polluting her skies and trashing
her seas

There's times I don't understand
Why we're so cruel to our land
In the young peoples eyes I see
That there's hope for you and
for me

She will survive
Strong and proud
She will survive
But will we still be around

I feel the balance the ebb and flow
We move so fast we should go slow
Lessons not what you take but what you give
Not what you destroy but what you help to live

She will survive
Strong and proud
She will survive
But will we still be around

And when I see the mountains tall
The rivers running free
And when I hear Nature's call
How her beauty touches me

She will survive
Strong and proud
She will survive
But will we still be around

(c) 1990 Kumanu Music (BMI)


Greenpeace: To Save the Whales/A Shift in the Wind: 1978
Hale Mohalu: 1979
Lead Me to the Garden: 1980
Island in the Sea/Aloha `Aina: 1981
The American Indian/Calling to Me (John Lennon’s Song): 1981
The Prize: 1987
Ka `Aina: 1987 (Re-released as CD 2003)
The Peacemakers: 1989
We Remember Them: 2002
Listen to the Forest: 2003
We Are `Ohana - Songs of Hope: 2004
Legacy: (For Kamehameha Schools) 2005
Random Notes: A Songwriter’s Journey: 2007
Earth Patriot: To be released October 2007

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Set List

When I perform as a soloist I play for about 45 minute to one hour. I play original music from my different recordings. Some titles include Random Notes, Gentle Warrior, Silent in the Night, Makaha, She Will Survive, Sand Through Our Hands, Innocence and Your Heart Will Lead You Home.

Our group Kumanu has been playing at theaters and schools in Hawai`i. We perform for about one hour and play songs from our CD We Are `Ohana-Songs of Hope. Songs include Higher Ground, Hope, Believe, Your Heart Will Lead You Home and Hawaiian Spirit.