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The best kept secret in music


"How It Ends "So Shall It Be""

How It Ends "So Shall It Be"
Thorp Records
I’m listening to this album right at this moment and this must be the fourth time I’ve played it! The first time I put this on I swear to god that I got Goosebumps! This has to be the most refreshing, original piece of hardcore I’ve heard in a while. Musically it resembles what best can be described as sludgy metallic hardcore. You can hear All out War, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Eyehategod, Down and even a little Entombed thrown in for good measure. Guitars are extremely fuzzy and distorted creating that sludgy feel. Drums pummel away in a hardcore beat and vocals are roared with death metal intensity. Track three has one of the best HC riffs ever created. This is the first album in a while since Hatebreed’s ‘Perseverance’ to get me genuinely excited. What makes it so good and appealing though is that it has that ‘crossover’ appeal which all fans of Hardcore, punk and metal will be able to appreciate. Up there with the aforementioned Hatebreed album, Earth Crisis’ ‘Breed the Killers’ and All out War’s ‘Born to be crucified’, this is one of the most important hardcore albums of recent years. If these guys aren’t already huge than they deserve to be. Outstanding. - All Schools, London England


³So Shall It Be² CD
Imagine flying low over a post-apocalyptic metropolitan area in an helicopter, smoking a fat bag of angel dust, and opening fire on the war-damaged zombies in the streets below. I feel that is a pretty good description of this thing here. Technical metalcore with all the thunderous brutality of hardcore, mixed with a little sludge. Dark, hard, and terrifying. A great record. Recommended for fans of HATEBREED, DYING FETUS, DYSTOPIA. (STM)

amp magazine
- AMP Magazine

"Bully Mag"

How It Ends
So Shall It Be
Thorp Records
Get ready…over the next two years you are going to hear 50 new bands that all sound just like Hatebreed. As soon as one band becomes successful, record labels pump out endless knockoffs that sound just like them. So it was with some trepidation that I approached How It Ends' new album, especially since the record label had included the line "for fans of Hatebreed" on the CD packaging.

Thankfully, How It Ends delivered a sound that is nothing like Hatebreed and all their own. Take the heaviness of Crowbar and speed up the tempos - a blistering, powerful force that just knocks you over. Sure the guys have the delivery of a hardcore band, but their overall feel on "Empty Nothing Forever," "Crippled," and "End The Suffering" is more akin to southern doom - i.e. Crowbar and EyeHateGod. It has that overall feeling of "the endless suffering and pain I've endured from life's cruel fate" that doesn't come off cheesy because of the full-on aggression. This creates a unique sound for these guys that really works.

Hailing from Philadelphia, How It Ends just bowls you over with their sound. "Thou Shall Not" and "Imprisoned" are so raw and open-faced that it's refreshing. It almost sounds as if they've overloaded the guitar channels producing sandpaper like levels of distortion on "Time Life Took," "Painkiller," and "Dying Eyes"

If these guys can avoid getting lumped in with the hundreds of lame-ass hardcore or heavy bands coming out these days, they will be remembered. The sound is all theirs and brutal to the core. - Bully Magazine

"Pa Hardcore"

Holy crap! That's what this Cd screams the second the first song starts. The vocalist somewhat sounds like the guy from Diecast. The double bass explosion of the drums tells me that our old friend Chris from Dysphoria is behind the set, and doing better than ever.
I will jock this CD for PA pride, as well as the fact that it's just damn good hardcore. It has the whole 9 yards... 2 step parts, metal parts, and breakdowns that make me want to swing from vines and do backflips.
Mad props to Thorp Records for picking these guys up.... I'm sure they'll be a PA staple for years to come. -


2003 "So Shall It Be" straming Audio at:,,,,, and tons of others Radio Airplay on various College metal stations, and regular airplay on XM ch.42 XMLM

2005 "Beloved" release date July 26th clips on,


Feeling a bit camera shy


Philadelphia's HOW IT ENDS have mixed brutal metallic riffs and pummeling hardcore assaults to create a masterpiece of war torn sounds and apocalyptic sonic textures. Complete with tortured vocals, relentless percussion pounding, and unbridled heaviness, HOW IT ENDS fulfill their mission of overcoming your faculties. With meticulously flawless production, one can not walk away from experiencing this record without being totally impressed upon by the bandÕs ambitious ferocity.

HOW IT ENDS will be employing their east coast work ethic and hitting the road hard in summer 2005 to support this release. They will be matching up with both prominent metal and hardcore bands to reach all those who they know will embrace their music.