How to Vanish

How to Vanish


"Tuneful and muscular" rock music. How to Vanish embraces elements of rock, power-pop, emo and punk. Their sound borrows from the likes of the Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and The Replacements.


How to Vanish was founded in 2004 in Columbia, S.C., where we've been a part of the music scene for a few years now. Check us out at
We just finished up a killer three-song demo, some of which you can hear by clicking on the "Audio" button at the top of this press kit.
We're excited about these songs. They're edgy, catchy, urgent, provocative. And most importantly, they're well-written and well-recorded. We think you'll agree.
Here's what the Free Times (Columbia's weekly entertainment paper) has to say about us:
"The real interest may be the debut of How to Vanish. Recently formed, How to Vanish is a Columbia supergroup, of sorts. … This quartet—comprised of Columbia rockers who arguably bowed out at the height of local popularity—could take Columbia by surprise, or even by storm. With their powers combined, they could be captains of Columbia's slipping rock scene."
How to Vanish is a relatively new project, but the band has been together, in one form or another, since singer/songwriter Kenley Young's sophomore year of high school in Georgetown, S.C.
When the band came to college in Columbia, we were known as Fling. Ask around town, and you'll find vestiges of that fan base, a few incriminating photos, and maybe some copies of our first EP, "The View From the Valley." Southeast Performer magazine had nice things to say:
"Take a moment to recollect the last time a pop album was praised for its depth and emotion. Kenley Young is not only the strength behind the vocals, but the poetic genius that delivers compelling, passionate lyrics."
In 2002, Fling released a second EP, which you can listen to at the How to Vanish Web site.
After Fling parted ways, Kenley did a lot of solo work and a lot of writing, from which How to Vanish was born two years ago.
We're happy to have another really cool demo to promote, and we'd like to hear from you. You can contact us at
We hope to hear from you soon.


How to Bite Down

Written By: Kenley Young

So much anger in you still,
And it fires off at will.
Your world is shaking from the sound,
And I can't make you put it down.

I can't fight us both at once
With my lame heroic stunts.
The silver tongue to me endowed
Did not work then, and it won't work now.

The good fight resumes,
And I will bite down
'Cause you've made no room.
Knives out.

Once were symbols on my back.
The wicked trembled in their tracks.
Still they trust in evil things
That tear men down with darts and slings.

But be they live or be they dead,
You grind your ax to make your bread.
Such a lonely way to live--
Can't get close, and you can't forgive.

The good fight resumes,
And I will bite down
'Cause you've made no room,
And I've come around ...

To the worst mistakes
That made us afraid,
When the only real mistake
Is to forget they were made.

(All rights reserved.)

Turn Me

Written By: Kenley Young

I’ve already rolled up my sleeves,
So don’t grow a conscience on me now.
This isn’t the time, and you can’t just leave.
Don’t try to do right when you don’t know how.

I promise I won’t put up a fight—
Won’t cry out for help or hesitate.
See, I could be lethal at this height,
But I have to become the thing I hate.

It’s a face I can wear if I loosen a notch.
I’ll try not to stare, but I do want to watch.

There’s no other way that this can go.
Surely you know that much by now.
Look me in the eye and tell me no—
That I can survive these wounds somehow.

You don’t have to make this quick.
I just want the greed to stick.
You’re not my nurse; you’re not my guard.
So don’t let up, and lock down hard.
I’m already halfway free,
So pour all your grief in me.
I have nothing left to rob—
I have you; finish the job.

I’m poisoning everything I’ve grown.
I’m wallowing in the peace that brings.
I want you to turn me into stone.
They tell me I won’t really feel a thing.

(All rights reserved.)

Pull Even

Written By: Kenley Young

So now who’s the vampire,
Who’s the leech, the roach, the plague?
Who’s the salesman,
Irresponsible and vague?
Wake up and run—

My harmless days are behind.
This isn’t safe anymore.
Educated and blind,
I took my share, and I’m sore.

So now who’s blackhearted,
Who’s the villain, who’s the fraud?
I’m something violent now,
Some instrument of God.
Wake up and run—

Who’s got the stomach now
To be your parasite?
Who taught me how to say,
“I never,” when I might?

(All rights reserved.)


Two EPs (three songs each):
"Pull Even"
"Try Not to Stare"

Set List

Our typical set list is all original, with a possible cover or two, and we draw from an extensive catalog of more than 40 songs. Shows can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, and they generally will run uninterrupted. But individual sets are possible.

HOW TO VANISH (partial list of originals):
Turn Me
How to Bite Down
Up to It
Pull Even
It's Over When I Say So
New Lows
Get You Off
A Decade of Mornings
No More Than Enough
Damsel in Her Dress
Seen and Discovered

COVER REPERTOIRE (partial list of artists):
David Bowie
Johnny Cash
The Clash
Elvis Costello
Counting Crows
The Police
Lou Reed
The Replacements
Talking Heads
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers