Power-pop with big guitar crunch, back-beat presence, bold melodies and no hint of boyish niceties or polite mannerism � The Big Takeover.


The band's high energy stage show evokes the spirit of such luminaries as The Jam, The Kinks and Ted Leo: full of fresh, hook-driven and addicting rock songs, all out now on the newly released, even more caffienated CD, Forever Endeavour. Featuring a tasty guitar cameo by our buddy Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat). Recorded both at Greg's home studio and with the notorious Mr Wohlsen in Brooklyn and mastered by West West Side, this recording is tweaked for hi-definition, stereophonic sound.

The first, self-titled CD HOY was recorded and released in 2003, receiving substantial support from NYC Press and beyond, getting placement of the lead-off track 'Tested By History' on the WB Network television series 'One Tree Hill'.


2 Fingers Crossed

Written By: Greg Hoy

You asked if I still loved you
I said I wasnt sure
I cant say Im thinking of you
After you walk out the door

But its sure
to be another lonely night without you
by tomorrow Ill wish you
had been here by my side

You know that I cant take it
this dryness in my throat
You know that I wont make it
a captain with no boat
Ive got two arms to hold you
But Ill keep two fingers crossed
Heres hoping that they make it
Heres hoping you get lost


NEW single 'Follow Through' 7 Inch coming soon.

NEW full-length LP 'Forever Endeavour' out now.

HOY (self titled) LP (2003)