HouseParty Assassins

HouseParty Assassins

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One of the most, if not the most, electrifying rap/hip-hop trios in the entire Midwest. With over 50 live shows under their belts, Cory Crush, Undecent, and DJ Double know how to move a crowd better than anyone. The bass thumps, the rhymes kill, and the shows are always on fire!


What do most people think of when they think about Wisconsin? Probably farms, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers. But that's all about to change. With over 50 live shows under their belts in less than a year, the HouseParty Assassins, Cory Crush, Undecent, and DJ Double, have been making waves all over the state of Wisconsin and are looking to get your venue caught in the riptide as well.

With non-stop energy, unheard of cohesiveness due to all of the members of the HPA's being family (Cory Crush & DJ Double are twin brothers and Undecent is their cousin), and flawless delivery, the HPA's are easily one of the most exciting and versatile up-and-coming hip-hop/rap groups in the entire Midwest. Cory Crush and Undecent handle the rhymes while DJ Double handles the turntables and, together, give you the most electric hip-hop/rap performance you will ever have the pleasure of seeing from the untapped talent pool of Central Wisconsin and the Fox Valley.

When you book the HPA's you know that you are not only going to get an excellent performance but also the pleasure of dealing with one of the most professional, respectful hip-hop/rap groups in the entire state of Wisconsin. Work with the HPA's and you will experience Northern hospitality at its best.

The HouseParty Assassins have played at the following venues during the last year:

The Utopia and Elixir in Marshfield, WI
The Reptile Palace, Liquid Supply Company, and Winger's in Oshkosh, WI
Johnny T's Club Tropicana & Breakroom, The Encore & Fauxcore at UW-Stevens Point, and The Mission Coffeehouse in Stevens Point, WI
Coral Lanes in Rothschild (Metro-Wausau area), WI
Arrow Sports Club in Weston (Metro-Wausau area), WI
5 Star Lanes in Plover, WI
MugShots in Medford, WI
Ballyhoo's Bre & Chew in Merrill, WI
The Rave in Milwaukee, WI (twice)
Jac's Bar & Grill in Chippewa Falls, WI
Boozer's in Dorchester, WI
Crazy's Tap in Chilton, WI
Franky's in Menasha, WI
The Horseshoe Lounge in Appleton, WI
Main Stage Bar & Grill in Green Bay, WI
Rock Island Cafe in Neenah, WI


Cory Crush:
The Telltale Soul (2001)
Rags 2 Riches (2002)
The Milwaukee Sessions (2003)
Identity (2004)
My Reflection (2005)
Non-Fiction (2006)
Desperate Measures (Coming fall of 2007)

Undecent Exposure (Coming fall of 2007)

Set List

The HouseParty Assassins are extremely versatile and change their set list from show to show, depending on the length of the show and the type of venue hosting the show. Fan favorites include "Whatchu Workin' With", "Sloshed", "My Kielbasa", "Undecent Exposure", and "Don't Worry Bout Me".