Holy Roman Empire

Holy Roman Empire


Holy Roman Empire combines influences like The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Hum with it's members' heavier core roots in Rise Against, The Hope Conspiracy, Shai Hulud, Arma Angelus, to create their own trademark female-fronted post-hardcore sound.


More than anything, the artistic experience is grounded deeply within the act of creation itself. Sure, notoriety is nice, but before critical acclaim can occur, a group must be willing to throw caution to the wind, fasten the hinges and propel itself fully amidst the often tumultuous journey of the artistic excursion. In an era when so many bands have lost sight of the aforementioned essential component to creating unique music, Chicago’s Holy Roman Empire – a five-piece post-hardcore/rock outfit that dazzles with its technical brilliance just as much as it tugs one’s innermost feelings by way of its cathartic ambience and undertones – was forged for the sole purpose of plowing fresh sonic trails.

According to guitarist, Neeraj Kane, the band wouldn’t have it any other way: “Musical progression is definitely a priority,” Kane says. “We all come from similar musical backgrounds, but everyone has their own subgenre of the music that influences them, which makes for a unique combo when writing songs. We strive to push the envelope because we feel that we really have no ceiling.” Somewhat of a throwback to eras when artists were judged in regards to originality as opposed to the outer trappings of the “package,” Holy Roman Empire draws upon its collective hardcore/punk heritage, as well as life experiences, to usher forth its often heart-rending, turbulent blend of its influences - a mixture of the powerful pop/rock leanings of Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas is the Reason, a tinge of Quicksand’s chunkiness and a dash of the atmospheric sound of Shudder to Think – creating a boundary-pushing sound that is all its own.

Coming to fruition in 2004, the musical kinship of Holy Roman Empire’s instrumentalists - Kane, guitarist Jay Jancetic, bassist Geoff Reu, and drummer Tony Tintari – blazed forward based purely on a collective passion for writing dynamic, bracing and, most importantly, challenging songs. After months of jamming and refinement, the band was fortunate enough to add stellar, classically-trained Emily Schambra on vocals. Schambra’s powerful yet starkly forthright and fragile vocal timbre heightened the diverse sonic foundation, the result of which has witnessed the group blossom into a melodic flower equally stunning in harmony as it is in perfect syncopation.
Holy Roman Empire’s debut 2005 E.P., Lost in Landscapes (Hewhocorrupts Inc), was merely the first step in the band’s unrelenting desire to channel its voracious musical appetite in new horizons of both the ecstatic and bittersweet variety. Since then, the group has been hard at work playing shows and working on its first full-length, the progressive, urgent and overall stunning The Longue Duree (Hewhocorrupts Inc).

Although the song writing process for The Longue Duree was another step forward for Holy Roman Empire, the blood, sweat and tears invested in the record showed that the group was willing to probe its innermost depths in an effort to move to the next level. As Kane says, “We started with 27 songs for The Longue Duree, and we pushed ourselves to up the ante and whittled it down to 12. We wanted the songs to be focused and work together as a conceptual unit. Also, with the amount of pre-production that we did we were really able to experiment with different tempos and tempo changes within songs to capture the dynamics we wanted. The whole process tested us musically and personally, but we’re really excited with the end result, which is a product of our hearts, minds and spirits.”

Every bit the shimmering musical diamond, The Longue Duree culls forth an addictive concoction of hypnotic riffs, pulsating rhythms, and stunning vocals, all of which coalesce to display Holy Roman Empire’s dedication to its perpetual artistic odyssey, which marches on as brazenly and bravely as ever. “We’re about to hit the road to support the album and all I can say is that I’m excited about everything,” Kane enthuses. “The band has already come so far, and we’re ready to keep writing and pushing the envelope musically. We just completed a full length and I am ready to get cranking on a new record! We love the challenge and we’re excited to see where our journey takes us from here on out.”

While many might say the sky is the limit for this troupe of dedicated musicians, Holy Roman Empire hopes to shoot right past those expectations and straight toward the stratosphere of galaxies directly beyond.


2007 - The Longue Durée (Hewhocorrupts Inc)
2005 - Lost In Landscapes EP (Hewhocorrupts Inc)