Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Montréal-based band from Chad H’SAO has been capturing the hearts of small audiences and large crowds alike since 2001. The band has always been passionate about sharing its unique blend of modern sound and traditional African musical influences. H’SAO has traveled the world, delivering electrifying performances, launching three innovative albums and, most of all, developing a musical signature that spans several genres and thus transcends the “world music” category.


HSao embodies a blend of cultures and influences. Their father dubs them Hirondelle (swallow) in honour of the birds that are always searching for higher ground.HSao makes use of their vocal skills to compose music and develop arrangements to be later transposed for varied instrumentation. Drawing from gospel, traditional African music, as well as their Chadian roots, Hsao display clear soul, pop, and R&B influences. All the members of this Montral afro-pop group are singersongwriters; elements of their various influences are smoothly blended with African rhythms to create fresh songs in a unique style. Masterful a capella singing sets them apart on the vast soundscape of world music.


1-JULY 10  2015 ALBUM "SAAR" 

2- FEBURARY 19 2013 ALBUM '' ORIA '' Nominated Best Album 2013

3- SEPTEMBER 2009 ALBUM "VOL 235" Nominated best album 2010

4- JUNE 2003 H'SAO - H'SAO
H’Sao’s first album is launched during the Montreal International Jazz Festival

Set List

Two sets of 45 minutes, Or one set of 1h30.
Repertoire from the 1st album "H'sao" (June 2003), and songs from the second album "Vol235" september 2009, as well as the last album Oria:

1. Poussez résistez
2. Allah ni ke oywa
3. For my family
4. Jazze ‘n ngandja
5. Larma sandje
6. Population humiliée
7. Fatimata
8. Pleure sur moi
9. Ana o inti
10. Make me feel Good
11. La vie est belle
12. Baby jolie
13. Sao
14. This is why
15. One love