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"Unforgettable Performance"

"The exquisitely sweet sound floating smoothly out of the Hall, wafted gently through the evening air by a Caribbean breeze under a dark blue sky.
It's an experience our team said they would never forget. Hillary Sargeant was on stage,and at her best feeding the crowd at the end of Hillary's performance she was given a five minute standing ovation, the audience could not stop. ". Deborah John - Express News 1981

"Trinidad Performance"

"The Crossroads audience was gifted with the talents of Hillary Sargeant of Trinidad, who now resides in Tel -Aviv,Israel. Hillary possesses one of those rare voices that softly seeps through your pores and slinks its way into your heart where it penetrates,reverberates and takes your breath away. Hillary was almost off the stage before the audience had a chance to shake itself free of the mesmerizing spell and offer up their esteem. To the delight of the audience,the MC coaxed her back for another song."Joan Gross. - The Informer 1999

"Camelot Performance, Tel Aviv"

"Hillary Sargeant takes to the stage at the Tel -Aviv's Camelot,she's a rockin,reggae soulful powerhouse sweeping through the room".Sue Fishkoff - Jerusalem post 1996

"Hillary's Performance in Tel Aviv"

Exquisite sweet sound, commanding presence and exceptional vocal abilities", are just some of the words her critics have used to describe her exceptional talent. - Yossi Harsonski - Ma’ariv(2004):

"Hillary's Performance with Common Bond"

"Hillary Sargeant was "Thrilling, Beautiful, and Mesmerizing" - Ha’aretz 2004-2006


FANGA, 2005, Mixed by Chicago-based House DJ, Abicah Soul.
EP, 2010.
Warrior, Radio Airplay, UK & Israel 88FM.
Fire & Blood, Radio Airplay, UK & Israel 88FM.



Hillary Sargeant FANGA!

In 2010 Hillary Sargeant joined forces with one of the lead producers and arrangers in the US, Loris Holland to work on her first original album “Hillary Sargeant FANGA”. Famous for his work with the likes of personalities such as Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Anita Baker and many others, the collaboration between Loris, Hillary and other band members saw the fruition of the Extended Play (EP) FANGA which was released in October 2010 with 6 songs including Fire & Blood, Warrior and Sad Situation. The full album will be released in 2014 and a new single titled "Who I Am!" calling all minorities to embrace their FANGA will be released in August 2013.

Hillary’s signature tune:

Hillary began to write her own songs while traveling and experiencing the various cultures of the world. Her first single "Fanga" was released in the latter part of 2005 and got compilation deals from Greece, South Africa and Japan. Worldwide the single sold over 20,000 copies including ringtones and downloads and to this date continues to be a favorite among avid music listeners, club revelers and world music fans. In 2010, Fire & Blood, one of the first singles to be released from the EP, FANGA, was voted as one of the top 10 songs for 2010 in the UK. The EP has gotten great reviews thus far and the full album is expected to create waves when it is officially released in 2014.

FANGA Music:

Fresh from the success of this original hit, FANGA, that was written and composed by Hillary and another music aficionado, Leo Powell, Hillary began composing more original songs partnering with fellow musicians. From these collaborations a sleuth of songs were born some of which can already be heard on the Extended Play (EP) “FANGA”.

About Hillary Sargeant:

Born in Trinidad and Tobago Hillary spent many years as a classical singer and from there she began her wonderful odyssey of vocal development experimenting with different music genres. Soon after, Hillary's vocal prowess began to spread internationally. She was invited to perform in Canada, Barbados, USA and Israel, where she now resides.

In 2000-2004 she toured with the fusion group, Common Bond, as lead vocalist performing at major festivals throughout Europe. The reviews were riveting; upon her return to Israel she was invited to tour Russia with renowned Russian Jazz pianist, Leonid Pathaska, the tour continued throughout Israel: Hillary Sargeant was "Thrilling, Beautiful, and Mesmerizing." (Ha’aretz 2004-2006).

FANGA Movement:

Today Hillary has extended the FANGA Movement to include a Blog about positive living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Vocal Training using her years of experience and training as a vocalist to develop what is now popularly known as the "FANGA Vocal Method" (soon to be released as an e-book) and most significantly bridging the gap between Arabs and Israelis as she teaches the FANGA Vocal Method to young Arab students throughout schools in Israel. She has also been recruited by African church choirs in Israel to develop their vocal abilities and has been the pioneer of an Israeli Gospel adult choir based in Hod HaSharon.

FANGA Critics:

“Hillary Sargeant’s magic is spelled all around. Her voice and captivating gigs have swept Hillary from her home town in Trinidad Tobago, to every corner of the world…” (David Peli of Gulliver Music Publishing (GMP).

"Exquisite sweet sound, commanding presence and exceptional vocal abilities", are just some of the words her critics have used to describe her exceptional talent Yossi Harsonski (Ma’ariv)

Randy Gilmore best summarizes “…..Hillary Sargeant is a passionate dynamic vocalist whose voice has an edge that cuts like a knife straight through to the heart. She defies categorizing as she blows you away with power in one instant and then comes back at you soft and purring like a kitten, oozing with sexual tension. Hillary commands your attention with conviction as she does with her single, "Fanga" and then waxes poetic as she whimsically reminisces in, "Reflections". Upon listening you feel her as she runs through the gamut of emotions, which is a reflection of life itself, causing one to identify with her."

FANGA Live Performances:

In 2009, Hillary produced and headlined the first "Fanga Show" at Inbal Theater, Tel Aviv. Performing to a packed house Hillary showcased her talents as she took the audience from her beginnings of R&B soulful ballads to her present unconventional fusion style (blending traditional/authentic grooves from various genres). In 2010 the 2nd Annual “Fanga Show” was held at Reading 3, Tel Aviv and again attracted a full house all of whom left with raving reviews of the performance of Hillary Sargeant and the FANGA band. And 2011 saw the FANGA show being hosted at Yad Lebanim Hall, Ra'anana.

Yes! This is not just a musical journey of ethnic and African rhythms from the Caribbean to the Middle East that transcends messages globally with