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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




We have not only been blessed with USA press but Harsh.TV as well. - Harshlanda

"HT HiphopOklahoma Spotlight"

We are blessed to be apart of the Oklahoma hip hop music scene and website - Jay Reign


Still working on that hot first release.



H.T. is one the founder L.O.C Associates Entertainment. He is not only the founder but also an artist, songwriter, producer, & a engineer with L.O.C Associates Entertainment. Born in Oklahoma City to a beautiful single mother and the youngest of four kids, not having everything the family wanted but we had mostly everything we needed. Always being around music from listening, watching videos, beat boxing, making drums out of boxes in the broken down garage, to singing, & mimicking the moves of artist on videos with his three other siblings. Moving around to many spots his mother trying to keep her children out of gang life and trouble with the law from Oklahoma, Texas, to California where trouble and hard times hit (not that times wasn't already hard). Doing everything she could the strong, & beautiful mother had to leave her family.

Back in Oklahoma still not knowing focusing music competing in rap off against friends and still mimicking videos this was homing the skills. His Mother wanting a better chance at life for her youngest child sending him to Colorado where he focused on school and sports but at the same time still has a love for music in his heart. Moving to Oregon where a friend gave him a short lesson on recording, this was the chance he needed to better express himself! Like his big Bro says... You can take the gangster out the streets he's use to... But a gangsters is still a gangster! You overstand? Some trouble came in Portland Oregon, but moving around to many of spots soaking up game from everywhere... The streets was still calling H.T. even though he continued to write rap about be the street poet of OKC a.k.a Original Killer City.

H.T. spent many hours, days, nights, months, and years turning lyrics. Being from the streets he knew you needed to have a team. A real boss knows you got to keep a team. L.O.C ASSOCIATES WAS BORN!!!! The combination with Bro $tylz has taking the group LOC Associates to new group creating.... LOC Associates Entertainment!!! With a great first year increasing the digital swagg taking the Street Musicawards title of best new group, & best known label. Making many hits off the What Izzzzz It album.... Dis Is How We Trapp, Forgive Me, Dum Dum, She Wanna Be Wit Me, & more... The launch of the HT Trial & Error also produce ANOTHER MULTI HIT ALBUM.


Trial & Error