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"Unsigned Band"

"Singer is good, natural voice and well sampled...drum work is very good... great closure of track, this make(s) the record a good one, really !!!" -

"A Face in The Crowd Review"

May08 What I’m Listening To: HTR, Let It Die
By aeirlys
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HTR (Holy Trinity River, I’m a bit confused about whether they use the initials or the whole name) is a three-piece band out of Brooklyn, via Texas, and boy does it show. Let It Die is their second EP and it is stripped down and country-fried guitar rock. HTR channels the same alt-country influences The Honorary Title or The Meadows, but Let It Die foregoes the emphasis on pop melodies and really digs into the blues roots of rock music. The result is gritty, no-frills rock that would be just as at home in a backwoods bar fifty years ago as it is in Brooklyn today.

Standout track is “The Shaker.”

"Concert Review-Holy Trinity River,"

Holy Trinity River

Ha, ha, this is good play on words: it's a three piece band (trinity, get it?) which got their start playing near where else, the Trinity River in Dallas. These guys were absolutely fantastic. I'd have to say this was another case where their myspace songs gave little indication of the power of their live show. The studio tracks indicated a band playing a little Allman Brothers-inspired southern rock. But on stage, they stepped it up a huge notch, also adding lots of punk (ala Meat Puppets--fast paced with heavy bass) to the mix. This made for a lethal combination, which had the crowd at the highest level of excitement. I kept waiting for a little slam dancing to break out, but it never happened (sigh). I highly recommend seeing this band, but with their roots in NY, shows here likely be infrequent. If only they can somehow capture the energy of their live show in the studio, they have potential to go places. The lead singer of Red Monroe was spotted in the crowd & even assisted with roadie duties, but Steve (a big fan of RM) was too shy to say hello!! - Joe Carl-

"Jersey Beat Let it Die Review"
Bluesy, heartfelt, stripped down, no frills, rock. Those are the first adjectives that come to mind upon my first listening to this album. Each song sung from the heart, with a southern feel. This three piece produce a big sound... - Jersey Beat

"Brooklyn Rocks"

This release caught me out of left-field as I haven't heard a good cow-punk band in years.

HTR are Dallas-to-Brooklyn transplants and their sounds fits in there with the 'first-wave' cowpunk bands like Green on Red and The Divine Horsemen. The band arrived in Brooklyn in 2005 and recorded their first EP, Cause/Solution, with Ellis Traver at Brooklyn's Loiter Studios. The band just released a new four-song EP, Let It Die, which was produced and engineered by Richard Lloyd.

Let It Die is a great slice of whiskey-soaked cowpunk and Richard Lloyd's production is near-perfect. The band doesn't loose any of the overall grittiness of their sound but Lloyd's production brings out some great guitar licks which is complemented by steady-on bass work and I really love the snare drums. All four tracks from the new EP are streaming on the band's MySpace page (link below) and the standout track is "The Shaker".


HTR finished in the top 5 readers choice awards for 2007 emerging NYC artist according to The Deli Magazine - The deli Magazine


The debut CD from this band is rough, and I mean that as a compliment. It’s rough like the old Led Belly albums were rough. Its rough like records sounded before they were turned into polished, radio friendly and disposable bubblegum. When you put the CD on it doesn’t work as background music, because it is too immediate. On the last track, “Cellar Song,” one would be forgiven if they looked up from their desk expecting to see the lead singer sitting right in front of them. It’s not perfect, there are hits and misses, but the imperfections in the hits are what make the songs stand out. This is rock before it was sponsored by Citibank, this is the way it was meant to sound; ugly, beautiful, awkward, scary, innocent, and heartfelt. - Trash Magazine

"Adventures in Music"

next was holy trinity river, formerly of dallas, now from brooklyn (repre-ohnevermind). 3-man. raspy reedy voice on lead, but ok. some really good bluesy, punky southern-style rock. you know that aint my thing, but i could tell they was pretty damn good. josephus really dug it. i really dug the lead's girlfren (A-1 spinner material (oh god i am so sorry)) . gave us a free EP, athankyouverymuch. eric steele of red monroe stood right next to me in the crowd, and i was dyin to tell him what a huge fan i am and how i've seen them 4 or 5 times and how much i dug 'blue mountain air' last sunday, but then the band was done and he was like schleppin their equipment and shit and then he was gone. so if you have eric steele draggin your shit around town, you must be good, eh?

go check oot joe's review - it'll be much more coherent and music-critic-y and shit.

"Alright I'm Wrong review"

"Holy Trinity River - Let It Die

The debut [sic] four song EP from Luke Strickland and the boys of HTR is the soundtrack to a visit to the bar. If you strolled into a place with a strong desire for more than just a couple beers and these fellas were diving into “The Shaker” you’d know you were at the right place. Acoustic and relatively plain this is no frills rock and roll with a twist of country here and there. " - Andrew Fersh


"Cause/Solution"--Self-released eight song E.P. distributed by ROIR Records 2007
"Let it Die" 4 song E.P. produced by Richard Lloyd 2008



HTR is a three piece New Jersey/Brooklyn based Punktree Rock band combining Southern Rock and old NYC punk; vicious and raw but not afraid of a sweet catchy melody. The sound is akin to a shot of Jack and a shot of Junk. The band has been playing and promoting their second EP "Let it Die" produced by legendary Television guitarist Richard Lloyd . The band has even gone as far as buildingtheir own stage/venue called "The Castle In Hell." Through this, HTR has shared the stage with some of their favorite bands such as The Muslims (now The Soft Pack), The Shakeltons, The Gay Blades, Cheyenne, the Old Souls and many others. Before that, their self-released debut EP "Cause/Solution" was released in the middle of 2006, at Loiter Studios in Brooklyn, New York, with Ellis Traver (sound engineer Fischer/Spooner) producing the record, which caught the eye (ear?) of well known New York label ROIR records, and landing them a distribution deal with the company. (The deal ended when Ryko Disc purchased ROIR.)
After the albums release, HTR continued to play all over NYC, eventually crossing paths with Richard Lloyd, who- after hearing the band and cathing their live show-signed on to produce their follow up EP. "Let it Die" was recorded in Richard's studio in Manhattan and was released in April of 2008. Since then the band has continued to gig in support of the record and plan on returning to the studio shortly.