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""The Dirty""

Hub bursts forth from their garage-punk roots to explode onto the scene with the pure-pop energy of The Dirty. Instantly, the listener is swept into a soundscape of Josh McFadden's whirling guitars and vocals.
“The Dirty” truly captures the listener with its infectious groove and singable hooks. The pro-quality production and songwriting has put Hub squarely in the pop/punk arena, ready to take all comers.
Steve Taunton,Nothing Box
- Steve Taunton

""Solid Radio""

“Smooth and catchy with solid radio potential”

Craig Ross-Radio Personality
Rock 95fm, Canada
On Hub’s songs and sound
- Craig Ross Rock 95FM Radio

""Solid Pop""

“Solid Pop friendly Rock with attitude”

Paul Fairley-CEO of Admiral Entertainment, Canada
On Hub’s songs and sound
- Paul Fairley-CEO of Admiral Entertainment, Canada

""Got the Bizz""

“Got the Bizz, got the Buzz, Got the Fizz”

TimWestin-Morning Show Host Rock 95fm
On Hub’s business sense, fan buzz and songs
- TimWestin-Morning Show Host Rock 95fm


Track-The Dirty (Internet Radio Airplay&Terrestrial Radio )
Track-Starting The Rev (Internet Radio Airplay&Terrestrial Radio )
Track-Shake My Head
Track-Upside Down(Internet Radio Airplay&Terrestrial Radio )
Track-Forget Them
Track-Round and Round
Track-She Doesn't(Internet Radio Airplay&Terrestrial Radio )



Google this: Next Big Thing. See it yet? Give it a minute—it’s coming. The next big thing I’m speaking of is the rising musical singularity known as HUB. Planted and harvested in the gardens of Central Ontario, this band is almost done growing up and is ripe and ready to head out and conquer the world.
Enter the debut album “8.” It wraps acerbic wit in saccharine melodies that feature a mix of songs that that switch from bubbly, aggressive rhythms, to anthemic numbers that practically demand that you wave your cell phone in the air.
“8” features a blink-and-you-miss-it brand of quick rock and catchy melodies that will shake the peaches from your tree. Speed has been built into these songs which are high-energy fun, as evidenced in the rebellious track “Starting the Rev.” The Blitzkrieg Bop-esque track “The Dirty” sums up both the tone of the album and the character of the band itself with the opening line, “it’s time to hit the road, fuel up, gear up and go.” And go they shall.
HUB is both a brand and a man who goes by the name of Josh McFadden. Joining the fraternity of single musicians who make up a band, like Acqualung (aka Matthew Hales), Dashboard Confessional (Chris Carrabba), and Iron & Wine (Samuel Beam), HUB is an outfit that knows how to rock.
If you’ve attended any of their recent performances—playing some local Toronto hotspots or kicking off the 2010 New Music Fest, opening for Big Sugar and The Trews—you would see that the stage was filled, and the venue was packed with the sound of loud, rocking music. There is no shortage of hands on deck to bring the project to life, but at its heart, HUB is Josh McFadden, singer, songwriter, heart and soul of the union.
So hit refresh and see what I’m talking about or, better yet, get out to their next show. And while you’re there, absorbed in the power of high-octane rock, joining the movement of people who are enlisting in the HUB army, holding the album on the way home, you’ll know what you’re holding in your hands: the next big thing.