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Billings, Montana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Billings, Montana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Funk




"Hubba Hubba and High Energy Hullabaloo"

Infectious grooves, kicks over time, syncopated funk and a cadence of rhythmic lyrics pulsing like a madman just finding his high…this is how it starts. A twitch that slowly grows and then blares into euphoric release. “Feel-good music,” as the Billings band Hubba Hubba says with a mischievous grin. Known for their high energy and mix of funk, disco, and pop influences, Hubba Hubba is a group of musicians who implore their audience to leave their troubles at the door. No worrying about bills or work, no stewing on the next day’s responsibilities. When they open with the first note it is officially time to forget and dance, or if you’re a rather reluctant shaker, a slow sway or foot stomp will suffice. Hubba Hubba understands the first rule of music: have fun and give in to the moment, letting the song lull you into amnesia.
Hubba Hubba first realized there was something to their sound when they gathered in a friend’s basement 3 years ago. They finished songs in one sitting. Some moments are more serendipitous than others, and this was clearly one of those moments. Fast forward a few years and their camaraderie is nearly impossible to measure. It helps that guitarist Aaron, vocalist Cain, and drummer Stefan are brothers and music is seemingly ingrained in their DNA. But it’s more than just their familiarity with each other and their musical preferences, as each brother has had their own experiences with differing musical genres, and it’s precisely because of their differences that something unique and original is brought to the stage.
Guitarist Aaron has played in metal bands and brings his hair-thrashing, head-banging guitar licks to a group that has decidedly eclectic tastes. It’s Aaron’s energy and metal-playing experience that brings the group to a new emotional level. Conversely, Cain, the lead vocalist and front man of the gang, is a self-professed Lady Gaga fan and feels no remorse in admitting so. Cain has the moves of Mick Jagger and the voice of a funked-up Chris Robinson when he was on tour with Jimmy Page. Accented and irregular voicings transform his lyrics into a vibrating manifestation of the band’s mantra to “just have fun” and his Bowie-esque musical tastes undoubtedly do the band justice.
Drummer Stefan played with Shakefist and his hard-rock influences coalesce nicely with the band’s multi-layered sounds. Stefan proves to be a versatile and energetic drummer and he moves smoothly yet heavily through the band’s diverse musical repertoire, and if it’s a laid back jazz tune, or a high-energy disco feel on the hi-hat, Stefan doesn’t disappoint and his dexterous feel transcends his music preferences. Rounding out the rhythm section is his partner in crime on bass David Banuelos, a monster player in his own right. Though not related to the Flores brothers, they often joke that somewhere down the line they are related one way or another. And David is a perfect fit, whether it’s laying down complementary grooves that allow the other guys to play at their strengths or being the driving ostinato that the song is built upon, there is nothing this guy can’t do.
Though Hubba Hubba draws from a plethora of musical influences, their sound is decidedly their own. This is most noticed when on stage or even when they occupy their practice space sweating like athletes. There is something original and authentic about their approach to the music, something that is newly discovered with each and every note. They are innovators in the purest sense of the word, as Hubba Hubba has no stylistic limitations and they leave nothing untouched or unturned, and their music is testament to this exploration.

Their funk/pop/fusion/disco/R&B arrangements can be compared to many artists new and old, however, their written lyrics can be both humorous and aggressive, and sometimes even bordering on flippant. True to their motto, they strive to produce a welcome distraction for their listener, and every refrain, every section of song, is steeped in particulars meant to have that desired effect. And speaking of influences, their pop resonance can be compared to contemporary artists such as The 1975 or the staccato articulation of Blues Traveler, and their full-funk assault is on par with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jamiroquai, or even the Boston funk band Two Ton Shoe (look that one up, guys). Just a simple search online at Billings native Wes Urbaniak’s Light Box Music Sessions and you’ll become privy to the band’s versatility. From the slow jam of “Moscow,” with rim clicks and delicate lyrics, to the accented and groove oriented song “Pocket Change,” there is no ceiling on this band. Their songs “Dumb Funky” and “Town Pump” epitomize the in-the-pocket chill and slap bass the band utilizes to get the audience on its feet, and try as you might there will be no sitting when Hubba Hubba is on stage.
The band will be out-and-about performing live in Billings this summer on July 14th at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. along with Blake From The Lake. Make sure to grab a pint and post a salute, or visit the Taste of Summer Fest at the Billings Depot on July 29th and imbibe in some of the best music, food, and beer available. You’ll likely see the gang before and after they play with the likes of DJ Benefit, Downtime, and The Sauce Boss, Cain wearing his signature pink Hubba Hubba shades, his feet busily moving in tune to the surrounding tunes.
Hubba Hubba is also scheduled to have their full length studio album out before the end of the year, authorizing everyone to find a beer and dancing partner.
As front man Cain Flores so eloquently put it, Hubba Hubba doesn’t take playing and inspiring people for granted. In fact, they often tailor their sets according to location and audience, and even which bands they are performing alongside. They take nothing for granted, and their music takes precedent over the spoils of rock stardom. And as any true artist understands, it’s not about the acclaim or the ego that is subjugated as a result, but rather art for art’s sake, and Hubba Hubba continues to inspire and grow not only as musicians, but as artists. - 406 Hops Brewing News

"Hubba Hubba: The band name that's as much fun to say as their music is to hear"

When you name your band Hubba Hubba, you better have the mojo to back it up.

This new Billings outfit features standout players, intent on inventing original funk with a disco groove.

And beyond that, like their name implies, they like to have fun.

Hubba Hubba has become a dream band for brothers Stefan and Cain Flores, guitarist Brian Bondietti and bassist David Banuelos.

Even though those four musicians had been jamming and talking about the band for years, Cain refused to formalize the band until the youngest Flores brother, Aaron, arrived in Billings last fall.

With only one public show behind them, their April 4 all-ages show at the Garage Pub is an important introduction to the Billings scene. Neo-folk artist Dylan Petit opens the show, which starts at 5 p.m. The cover is $5 at the door.

Aaron, 21, jokes that they’re the “Mexican Hansons,” referring to the 1990s pop outfit featuring three brothers. Cain’s joke is that they’re a band of Mexicans, plus one white dude. Aaron plays guitar, Cain is the lead vocalist and Stefan plays drums.

The band is in full stride now, coming up with new songs at almost every rehearsal and tightening up other tunes. Earlier this month, they morphed a beat Cain invented when he was 13 into what may be their best funk jam yet.

With Cain frantically reading lyrics off his cellphone, trying to get his words in sync with an intense riff that Bondietti kept driving with on guitar, Banuelos laid down such a defining rhythm, it felt impossible not to move with it. The name for the new tune is “Boom Boom Room,” a perfect fit for the style of music and the raw energy the band exudes.

A disco light blasts red, blue and green light in the band’s basement rehearsal space. In addition to the funk vibe of the music, the lights made it feel like it’s 1978 and Peaches & Herb are still on the charts with “Shake Your Groove Thing.”

Stefan’s connections with a roadie who toured with The Farthest Edge got them the rehearsal space, but they have to wrap things up by 9 p.m. and this night, they’re having so much fun they just can’t stop.

They run through some originals, including “Booties Don’t Bounce” and their favorite song of the moment, “Dumb Funky,” then they finish the night off with their take on Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body,” featuring Aaron on vocals.

He apparently was worth waiting for.

“Aaron has surprised us, surprised himself. I don’t think he thought he was capable of the things that he and Brian have been able to do,” Cain said.

Aaron said he played in metal bands before this outfit and he’s still learning the nuances of their stripped-down sound.

“Coming into this, it was a little nerve racking because they are all such good musicians. David is an amazing bass player and Brian is so good on guitar,” Aaron said.

Their sound is fun and danceable, in fact so danceable that Cain is constantly in motion during rehearsal — not just shuffling his feet but full-on busting moves.

Cain credits his roommate Sarah with suggesting the band name, but once each bandmate said it out loud, that was it — they couldn’t stop and every time they said “hubba hubba,” someone laughed.

“It’s such a throwback to the generation where we are all from. You saw someone you liked, someone cute, and you’d say, ‘hubba hubba,” Cain said.

Stefan played with the hard-rock band Shakefist and performed guitar in an acoustic duo with Cain, Morning Jones. Bondietti also plays with the original rock outfit, Broken Bow, and will serve as their sound engineer on a planned EP that will include four or five tracks when it comes out later this year.

Bondietti said this is his dream band because it is the style of music he’s always wanted to play.

“We’ve got R&B and dance music, neo-soul. We’re all coming from a lot of different backgrounds that blend together,” Bondietti said. “We write a riff, Cain comes up with the lyrics and we go.”

Their first gig was Valentine’s Day when they opened for Broken Bow at the Garage Pub. Sound man Randy Wyman enjoyed the show so much, he helped them put this next gig together.

At the April 4 outing, plans are to have Petit open the show, then have Cain and Stefan perform a set as Morning Jones to ease the audience into the rowdier sounds of Hubba Hubba.

If you haven’t said hubba hubba since the third grade, odds are you’ll be spouting it come Saturday night. - Billinga Gazette


With frequent lashes of funk, r&b, rock, pop, metal and soul, Hubba Hubba's debut album, "Phunqi Haught Suhqet," is a wild ride through a jungle of love... now seating!



Hubba Hubba is united by a common desire to move you. Calling upon the obvious and the obscure, the boys have embarked on a brand-spanking-new sound. With funky lashes of hard, disco-meets-metal, glitter rock infusion, there is no denying this is a complex confection. As hard as it is to pinpoint the exact genre, the boys have set out the keep those fences bent and open. With a combined hard-hitting passion and study of craft, each member of Hubba Hubba brings a unique flavor. The finished product is an intriguing, high-energy, purposeful spectacle, sure to distract from whatever struggles one may be facing. With their debut full-length album "Phunqi Haught Suhqet" available now, Hubba Hubba has only just begun!

*Agency: Damon Moreno @ Inner Light Agency (iLA) Los Angeles, CA*


*2015 Magic City Music Award: Best New Band of the Year

*2015 Magic City Music Award: Best Drummer (Stefan Flores)

*2017 Magic City Music Award: Blues, Soul, R&B or Funk Act of the Year

*2018 Magic City Music Award: Blues, Soul, R&B or Funk Act of the Year

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