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"World class album from a small town boy"

This album is an expession of love, not just for the one in whom Huck has found inspiraton, but rather a love directed towards anyone who either by choice or by chance will become a follower of Huck's music. Huck captivates his audience through songs like Honey, with lyrics that could make any woman melt and a driving beat that lingers long after you walk away from the stereo. His other songs seem to call you back again and again to his premiere album, Turn, and forces listeners to anticipate whatever is to come next from this budding singer/songwriter. The album is an enthusiatic precursor to what is about to happen to music in the new era. It is time for more recognition to be awarded to artists like Huck, and music to return to the basics; good music! -

"HUCK "The One Man Band""

It was a coffee shop-like scene. People were scattered around, each having their own little conversations while sipping coffee. These are true music lovers, all here to listen to some well-written and well-played music. Standing on the stage before them was a young man in a white T-shirt. Over the shirt he was wearing a red flannel shirt, and he wore khaki pants, a look that was reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen. Huck, an up-and-coming solo artist showed how much talent he has in his brilliant set. The night was for people who truly appreciate acoustic alt-rock and good songwriting. Hailing from Long Island, N.Y., Huck has been playing guitar since the age of nine. His years of practice definitely showed. Huck had amazing stage presence along with his unique singing ability, holding onto syllables and making the words felt with his facial expressions echoing every word. After he laid out a few purely acoustic songs, he then showed another side of him: his clear-cut genius and work ethic. One by one, he played and recorded sounds, first off his acoustic guitar, then the piano and then sounds his electric piano offered, including beats of drums. Every recording he made then played on as he continued showing his talent with many styles of playing over lapping each other. His ability to combine sounds, and do it alone nonetheless, screams out the name Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters' first album was created entirely by Grohl, and this pure talent and raw feel for music can be seen in the young Huck. You could see his ideas constantly moving behind the flood of sweat dripping down his face. He also showed the freshness and individuality of John Mayer, very keen with a guitar and unable to be fazed. It was as if his face was a puzzle containing the pieces to many successful artists today.
Most of the songs in his set were his own, mainly off his LP "Within This Process of Adaptation," including the heartfelt song "Listen." It would be hard for any music lover not to enjoy this song as he once again showcased his talent, singing words many people can relate to."Why won't you listen ... listen ... listen?" he sang.
"Sometimes" has been repeatedly featured on "Dawson's Creek," and some of his music has also been featured on MTV's "The Real World."
He also played a few covers, including Sublime's "What I Got " and Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight."
Before the show, Huck wore a shirt with a quote from Bob Marley that read: "My home is in my head." He must feel pretty safe with the mind of a musical GENIUS.
Huck "The One Man Show" provided Rowan with a night of great acoustic music and perhaps a glimpse of a future star. - RUTGERS PAPER

"Brilliant solo debut from a true up and comer"

"Huck's record (Within this process of adaptation) is a brilliant solo debut from a true up and comer"....( -

"Somthing Stylisticly different"

"Huck's live performance is a special experience. The sky is the limit for him and it's only a matter of time before he's a household name. He has developed somthing different stylistically and i feel like its just a matter of time before it breaks" (John Rollo - 2 Time Grammy Award Winning Producer) - John Rollo - 2 Time Grammy Award Winning Producer

"The perfect fit for any college"

"Huck is amazing! He draws you in with his soulful voice and original lyrics. He is the perfect fit for any college looking for a performer their students can relate to"... (Director of Student Activities - Iona College) - Director of Student Activities - Iona College

"Huck Suits the College scence"

"I was blown away by Huck's live show! Not only how great his music was, but how perfectly he suits the college scene! He was incredible!" (SGA President - St. Elizabeth's College) - SGA President - St. Elizabeth's College)

"Best independent release"

"This is far and away the best independent release I've heard in years. "Within this process of adaptation" is superb and is sure to announce Huck as a force for years to come" ....Adam Griffin (VP - JAC Music Group) - Adam Griffin (VP - JAC Music Group)

"A favorite of the college campus and coffeehouse"

"...His smart, well-crafted original songs and tender, yet powerful, voice have made Huck a favorite of the college campus and coffeehouse circuit since he was a young teenager..." (Bangor Daily News) - Bangor Daily News

"Soulful Romantic"

"...Huck straddles the line between adult soft-rock and teen-friendly pop...his deep muscular voice adds a touch of soul to the proceedings...The songs are romantic, and often more sexy than mushy. Huck has a bright future." (Rafer Guzman, Newsday) - Rafer Guzman, Newsday

"An amazing talent and ability to be flexible."

Huck was a tremendous success at the diversity week here on campus. MVSU is a historically black university so as Director of Diversity, one of my objectives is to bridge the differences in race and culture and search for common ground. Huck was right on target. He exposed the African American students to some music that was new to them. However, these students picked up on his musical talent and ability to be flexible. A group of African American students participated in free style rapping with Huck accompanying them. The fun created a sense of good will among the students of all races. The diverse students (white and Hispanic) that I work with were especially the recepients of this good will. Many of the African American students thanked the diverse students for the program and the fun. I think that they were surprised that a white guy could be so much fun. Many white performers make the mistake of trying to "act Black" to reach an African American audience. This doesn't work unless you are a comedy act. Huck stayed with what he does well but taylored his music to the group. The Office of Student Activities said that the Huck concert was the best attended and received the best response of any concert in recent years. They have since scheduled three more events in the plaza (which was not even being utilized as a program site prior to Huck's appearance). It is a compliment to Huck and your agency to know that the student programming has stepped up a level because of your professionalism. Bobby Fisher, Jr., Director of Campus Diversity Program, Mississippi Valley State University

- Mississippi Valley State University


HUCK - "SHAPE SHIFTER" EP (2009) Produced by Boots Ottestad (Columbia Records) of "The Getaway People"

"HUCK" EP (2007)
Produced by Boots Ottestad, who’s worked with acts like Robbie Williams, Tim Mcgraw, Macy Gray, Toby Lightman, and Ima Robot.

"Within this Process of Adaptation" LP (2004)
and "Sketches from within and other overlooked places" EP (2004)
Produced by Ross Petersen (Jimmy Eat World, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow and Bruce Springsteen)
Over 3,000 physical copies sold.
"This is far and away the best independent release I've heard in years. "Within this process of adaptation" is superb and is sure to announce Huck as a force for years to come" ....Adam Griffin (VP - JAC Music Group)

“Turn” (2002)
Received prominent college and mainstream radio airplay across the country.
Sold over 3,000 physical copies
Produced by two-time Grammy Award Winning Producer, John Rollo (The Kinks, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Cliff, Stevie Nicks)
"This album has an intriguing, mature sound. This young artists' talent and dedication shine through every song. The universal lyrics speak to anyone who has experienced desire and love, and touch you in an intimate, personal way. Huck's soothing voice captures the emotions of each song and delivers them in a sexy, professional tone. “Turn” is an album that inspires. Great insight for what’s to come from Huck in the years that approach us..."
"This is the best music I've had the pleasure of working with. It is only a matter of time for Huck."--John Rollo



"Huck was great. He was very easy to work with an was a laid back performer. It was the first event of its kind in the building and everyone really enjoyed themselves." Beth Hoag, Assistant Director of Campus Life - Babson College (MA)

"Huck was great! the crowd that we had was bigger than usual, and he is such a great performer. Everyone raves about him. He is such a nice guy." Molly, Music Chair - Iona College (NY)

"Huck was great - our students loved him! He completely fit in with the typical UNH student - white t-shirt, cargo pants, flip flops - he could have been another UNH'er walking around! I think he has a new group of female fans here now - about 6 or so females stayed up to the end to hear him. I hope now that he's been here, some of our student programming groups will decide to also bring him. I thought he sounded great. Thanks for all of your help!" Brett Mongeon, Coordinator Off-Campus Services - University of New Hampshire (Durham)

"Huck and his road manager were great to work with. Over 90% of the students who filled out an evaluation sheet for Huck’s performance, gave Huck a great review and indicated that they would like to have us bring him back. Performing in a café where students are coming and going is not easy, but Huck was able to capture and hold the attention of many of the students and also staff. I had staff, who were only able to stop in for a minutes, comment to me later about how good Huck was as a performer. These were unsolicited comments! I didn't even know they had stopped by to see him." Sandra L. Arsenault, Program Asst. - Mount Wachusett Community College (MA)

"Huck was amazing! We had a record number of people attend the event (96)! The publicity that was sent was awesome. Everyone loved the show and they hung out after to meet him and buy merchandise. We would def. love to have him come again!" Brandon Gavin, Concerts Coordinator - Salve Regina University (RI)

"We were very pleased with Huck's performance. He had a steady crowd of 40 people which is really good for our institution on a Saturday evening, especially with the World Series game on. Huck was nice and allowed the students to watch the game while he performed. The students enjoyed the free merchandise as well. Last but not least, I really appreciate Huck donating 3 shirts for prizes for our next program. I am sure we will book him again in the near future. Huck is a great guy and an amazing artist" Jen Furner, Director of Student Activities - Keuka College (NY)

"Huck did a great show here at Canisius! We want to extend our appreciation!! I had nothing but good comments on his music and everyone seemed beyond pleased. Thanks!" Mary Dust, Chair of Campus Programming Board - Canisius College (NY)

"The Huck show was awesome. The student's loved him. In fact, we have a student here who has connections with the radio station here and they are going to be playing Huck on YES FM in 3 days. So that's cool huh!!! He was great. We loved him. He also had a good turnout!!" Jacque Jones, Assistant Director of Co-curricular Ed. - Saint Lawrence University (NY)

"Huck played an excellent show here at Southampton College. All three guys are very talented musicians which was very evident in their performance. The crowd enjoyed the mus



Huck, the 26-year-old Long Island, N.Y. troubadour, has been acclaimed to “sing like a 40-year-old-blues-rocker” (Rafer Guzman, Newsday). From playing in living rooms to coffee shops, to clubs and colleges, as well as selling out theaters and playing stadium's, Huck’s “confident, soulful and romantically sophisticated arrangements and rhythmic verses” have been heard across the country. This young, accomplished artist has already independently released three albums: “Turn”, “Sketches From Within” and “Within This Process of Adaptation”, which have sold thousands of copies each and have been featured on major television shows such as “Dawson’s Creek”, “Joan Of Arcadia” and MTV’s “Real World” and “Real World Road Rules Challenge”, in addition to many commercial, XM, Sirius and college radio stations. His debut album, “Turn” was produced by two-time Grammy Award Winning Producer, John Rollo (The Kinks, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Cliff, Stevie Nicks...) His Following (EP) “Sketches from Within” and (LP) “Within this Process of Adaptation” were produced by Ross Petersen (Jimmy Eat World, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow and Bruce Springsteen) Huck has become a prominent name in the college circuit, playing over 600 shows (colleges, clubs, cafes, theaters, baseball stadiums, coffee shops, house parties, basements, sorority houses, and pretty much anywhere else that had a stage and a mic) throughout his five-years of touring the country. Huck just finished and released his new self titled EP, and is currently working on his series of EP's with Boots Ottestad of “The Getaway People” (Columbia Records) who has worked with acts like Robbie Williams, Tim Mcgraw, Macy Gray and Toby Lightman.

Featured on:,,,,,,, iTunes, Rhapsody,, and
Featured in: Newsday, , The Long Island Press, RELIX, and Subzero Zine
Commercial airplay on 104.3, WBAB 102.3 FM, WLIR 92.7, and 94.3
2008 Top 5 Best New Artists Award by Gibson Guitars
Martin Guitar Endorsement since 2001
Songs "Sometimes" and "Words Pour out" repeatedly featured on the TV series "Dawson's Creek",“Joan Of Arcadia” and MTV’s “Real World” and “Real World Road Rules Challenge”
Has sold songs to ABC and The WB for the coming 2008/2009 seasons.
BMI affiliate and multiple showcases
Winner of "XM's Unsigned: Under the Radar"
Opened for Guster(Reprise), Ryan Star(Atlantic), Elephant Man (Bad Boy), Juelz Santana (Def Jam) The Ataris (Columbia),Kat De Luna (Epic), Amanda Diva, Day 26 (Bad Boy)
Channel 12 New Jersey Appearance
1% for the planet supporter
Surfrider Foundation supporter
Performed at NEMO(2 times), NACA(4 times), APCA
Repeatedly featured in "Impulse Newsday"
Won the WBAB "Home Grown" band of the month Competition
Radio station Island 94.3 Hosted Record Release Party
Sold out The Boulton Center on Long Island, N.Y two times
Performed at The Long Island Duck's baseball stadium