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HUDA : from the rap duo Fanatix who hail from Northern California's East Oakland. Being one of the first artists on the Imperial West imprint, HUDA aka Hudathawt? (pronounced who-da-thought) grew up in a family where music was like a soundtrack to life. In 2003 after coming home from college, HUDA formed a hip hop/rap group with some high school friends called Fanatix. They put together an EP by the name of "Sinsicnation" and were building a nice buzz in the Bay Area. They were doing a lot of local shows and talent competitions but problems arose and two of the members left the group. This left only HUDA and one other rapper, Kwyit. They decided to forge on with the album and soon found that the duo had been destined from the beginning. They discovered that together they had a raw mix of an aggressive underground sound and polished rhymes. They defied the rules by becoming architects of a sound they call "9 to 5 rhymin"- a soundtrack to "real life" in the hood. So in late 2005 they released "Ghetto Eyez". With influences from gangsta rap and backpack hip hop to rock n roll, the Fanatix were to be the group of the future.
But then tragedy struck when HUDA was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After having brain surgery it was hard for HUDA to get out and promote the album like he should have and the album did not do as well as expected.
So that brings us to 2010, where after rehabilitation
and time to recover HUDA is back on the music scene with a new Mixtape titled "Angry BlackMan". He is out on his own this time and he is looking to set the world on fire and finish what was started some years back.


*'Sinsicnation' EP released June 2004
*'Ghetto Eyez' album released December 2005
*'Fanatix Presents: The Fixtape Vol 1' released July 2007
* 'Angry BlackMan' released July 2010
Guest Appearances:
*Co-Deez album 'Royalty' featured on song 'Luv Ones/Message' released 2005
*Co-Deez album 'Luv Ones Mixtape' featured on songs 'This Year' and 'Let Me Show Ya' released 2006
*Otayo Dubb mixtape 'So Opinionated' featured on song 'Dealership'

Fanatix currently are being played on many San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area college and underground radio stations. KPFA in Berkeley and KPOO in San Francisco are two of the many radio stations that you can find there music playing daily.

Set List

Fuckin Wit Me
Knock'em Out
We at Em
Go Gettaz
Wut I Gotta Do