Hudson On Bass

Hudson On Bass


Smooth & Contemporary Jazz with a blend of Fusion. An exciting & High Energy performance.


The Hudson On Bass Band is an exciting mixture of Jazz, R&B, Neo Soul, and Fusion splurged together to creat one Hot Jazz Shake!

If You Have not seen Hudson perform, you're missing one of the greatest Bassist of this time and one of the best instrumental performers around.

Hudson keeps the crowed excited during every second of the show. It is said that "You Never Know What Hudson's Going To Do Next". This is a true statement because Hudson always has some exciting new energy going on while performing. "Even the Band members sometimes are amazed at What I Do during performances", and the audience is always pleased.


2006 - Produced and Recorded Bass Solo Project
"Bassically Your's".

2006 - Recorded On Future Of Jazz Compilation CD w/ Vocalist Tammy Allen & Keyboardist William Green

2004 - Recorded On Scram's "Born For Greatness Album.
Recorded On Ellis Phelps "Sadona Crusin" Album.
Recorded On Fairfield Baptist Church "Live Concert" Album.

2003 Recorded On Theodis Ealey's Hit "Stand Up In It"

2001 - Co-Produced and Recorded the Album
"Taste The Success". Jason Wingahh

2000 - Opened Omega Hits Recording Studio and
helped to produce/complete six albums.

1999-2000 Recorded two Albums and Toured with
The Image Band
#1 "We Are One"
#2 "All We Need Is Love"

1998 Recorded with Joe Phillips and The Winstons "I Love DC"

1997 - Recorded 1st Solo Project "A Laid Back World"

Set List

Do I Do - Stevie Wonder
Sumpthin Sumpthin - Maxwell
Seven Whole Days - Toni Braxton
People Make The World Go 'Round - Hudson's (version)
I Choose - India Aria
Always There - Ronnie Laws
Can't Hide Love - E.W.F
Funny How Time Flies - Stanley Clark (version)
Long List of others........