Hudson Super Six

Hudson Super Six


Formed out of the twisted remains of 90s cult UK art rockers Cable and Euro-quiet core champions Iris, Hudson Super Six bring scratched-raw back-to-basics Rock and Roll kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Stripped down no nonsense monster riffs with killer hooks is the name of the game.


Hudson Super Six were born out of the remains of 2 UK acts who both had critical acclaim and moderate success with known indie labels. Both groups ended at the top of their game in acromonious circumstances. The two original bands, Iris and Cable shared a rehearsal facility and so it was only a matter of time before members of each group had finished licking their wounds and decided to to team up to try something a little different. With joint influence ranging from QOTSA to Otis Redding, the fledgling group thought it was time for a rock band to et back to the basics of what rock and roll is all about - the stink of sex.
Shortly after forming, the band released it's debut 7" on Sumo Construction in 2005. A full length debut LP distributed by Cargo appeared at the end of 2006. Great critical reviews spurred the band on to up the game and they began work on the follow up in 2007. The record has taken nearly 2 years to make and will now see release in early 2010, but the band are quietly confident that this will be their break through release. Produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, 80's Matchbox, Earl Brutus, StereoLab etc) the record will be available Spring 2010.


Food and Drink/Raised to the Ground - Sumo Construction/Cargo Distribution 7" 2005.

Joy of Six CDLP - Sumo Construction/Cargo distribution. 2006

New album, title TBA, 2010.

Set List

Typical set is usually 8-9 songs, 35 min, no covers - material mainly from the first album and the as yet unreleased 2nd album. Typical set contains the following self composed songs: Death Punch, That's What I'm Talking About, Love Life, Crazy, The Rage, Dead and the Dying, Your Whore, Heartbreakin', Sunshine is Your Enemy.