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1986 Piramide
1990 A Tonatzin
1993 Rabinal Achi
1998 Concheros
2002 Nacahua
2010 Camino del Anciano



HUEHUETL is a musical family ensemble from Tonala, Mexico that performs indigenous dances and music with costumes and instruments representative of ancient cultures such as the Mayan, Olmec and Aztec. Huehuetl, which in the Mexican Nahuatl language means “old” or “ancient”, presents a magical musical journey that transports the audience back in time to a mysterious, pre-Hispanic world. They have performed indigneous Mexican music at educational and cultural centers and embassies across the world. HUEHUETL was founded in 1977 and carries the sacred knowledge of more than 5 generations of artisans and makers of native musical instruments.

All the instruments and costumes are made by HUEHUETL, older generations of our family and are the actual relics from the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico city. They also include sacred ceremonial objects given by other native tribes and medicine peoples from around the world that HUEHUETL has met or prayed with on their travels. The instruments can be found in various codices and are still used for native ceremonies, other prayer rituals and/or specific times of the year for certain precolumbian celebrations. They are all from the earth and her sacred animals. The costumes themselves are considered sacred ceremonial regalia and carry various medicines that allows HUEHUETL to channel its ancestral roots as they replicate the ancient sounds.






ATECOCOLI - Large conch shell. Sacred instrument used to open channels, clean/clear energy and communicate messages from hill to hill. Carved with the Bonampak murals describing a ceremonial ritual of five Mayan musicians holding the huehuelt, the ayotl, the hom, the teponaztli (tunkul) and the ayacaxtli.
AYACAXTLI - Dried hollowed fruits filled with medicines and rocks found around ant piles (which the ant colony extracted while building.)
AYOTL - A sacred instrument made of the shell of a freshwater turtle. Used from the Maya to the Mexica (Aztec).
AYOYOTL - Dried seeds from the ayoyotl tree used for danza (prayer dance) since the time of the Olmecs.
CHICAHUAZTLI - Made from wood as a 'safe' version of the omechicahuaztli, which was traditionally made of the human femur and used to summon death.
CUICATOTOPILTZIN - Made of gourd. Produces the sound of singing birds. A hollowed instrument that is filled with water. Ancient toy for children.
EHECATL - Made from clay. Produces the sound of a strong wind. Can also be used to call death (in ceremony.)
HOM - Mayan trumpets made of otate, gourd, clay and tied with tree branches.
HUEHUETL - Means "old ancient one." Main instrument used for danza, war, and song. Made out of the hollow trunk of one tree and carved with the image of some sort of our case the sun/fire.
MAZATL - Deer skin. The deer is sacred medicine to many indigenous tribes of North and South America.
OCARINA - Ancient mud flutes. They come in various forms and range in sound from replicating birds to jaguars, death, and wind.
OLMEC DRUMS - Derived from the tiny drums found at excavations at the Olmec site of Tula. Made of clay.
OTATILLO - Sticks used to play the tecomatl and other percussion instruments.
OTATL - A thin wood that is a combination of carrizo and bamboo used to build structures. Similar to a wooden version of a xylophone.
OZOMATLI - Made of two carrizo reeds. Produces the sound of a jungle monkey. Used to call and play with the animals.
PANHUEHUETL - A bigger, wider version of the huehuetl
POPOXCOMITL - Made of clay. Not used to produce sound, used to clear energy and open the four directions before a performance.
TECOMATL - Clay pots which produce various textures of sound.
TENABARI - Butterfly cocoons filled with the extracted ant colony rocks. Used by many tribes in the north of Mexico.
TEPONAZTLI - Ancient log drum given by the gods to the people along with the huehuetl. Used for song, danza (prayer dance) or war for communication. Carved with the image of a deity, in our case, a galactic warrior (a time keeper.)
TETL - Basalt stones. Traditional stones used for generations of native Mexican peoples to construct. The pyramids and temples are made of this type of stone.
TLAPITZALI - Carrizo flute. Flute played for traditional dances, such as sonajeros (rattle dances) and voladores de papantla (dances of the flyers, which hang from their feet from a tall pole). A flute from Southern Mexico.
ZIRINGA - Wood flute developed after the Spanish invasion, usually played for the be