Huelepega Sound System

Huelepega Sound System


Cumbia + dub = DOOMBIA! From past to future, these are the harshest Latin dance grooves in existence.


"Like wandering in the desert with heatstroke, drugged out and pleasantly terrifying" - Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, The FADER

"A psychedelic sonic stew which is as creepy as it is compelling" - Denise Benson, Eye Weekly

Huelepega Sound System plays “Doombia” - cumbia’s dissolute cousin.

This music starts with chopped and screwed Colombia-via-Mexican cumbia, with beats slowed down to a spooky, unsettling tempo. Live congas and timbales reinforce the rhythms, while droning keyboards and ricocheting vocal samples open up the sound. Everything gets mixed down in extreme dub. The improvised flow rambles and lurches, with dissonance buzzing throughout.

To paraphrase the motto of Putumayo Records, Huelepega Sound System is “music guaranteed to make you feel stoned”.

Huelepega (named after the glue huffers of Monterrey and Caracas) bring an aggressive lack of polish to their sound. But don’t think that the Huelepegistas don’t know how to play – all four have channeled decades of DJing and performance into creating this startling new sound. Most of all, this is insanely deep party music that can rock tiny basements or huge public squares with irresistible energy.

Huelepega isn’t the music you heard in the resort on your last vacation, on the contrary, Huelepega is music from the gutter, inspired by the dark places of Latin America that the consulate warned you about. Huelepega is for ‘los desplazados, los olvidados y los desaparecidos’.


Amor Doombiambero (no label)- mixtape - 2009
En Los Ojos De Dios, Todos Somos Ilegales (Inyrdisk) - mixtape - 2009

Set List

DJ mix, changes from set to set. Typical sets last from 45 to 90 minutes. Mix of original material and classics old and new, all rinsed out in dub