Hueman Prophets

Hueman Prophets

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We create catchy mantra music for the upliftment of the spirit. Our sound manifests through Hip-Hop Theater


Hueman Prophets
Be prepared to love and hate us.

When listening to Hueman Prophets or witnessing their live performance the audience
peers through a window looking at two very real people. Hueman Prophets always
keeps their music and action unpredictable, just like the beat of life. They aren’t afraid to
bring the audience with them on a journey into a world that challenges the norm.

This Washington, DC area-based group realized their mission to bring forth balance and
understanding to listeners through music and theater at an early age. The core members of
Hueman Prophets are AuraGin (Jabari Exum) and StraightForward (Baye Harrell).
StraightForward and AuraGin formed a bond at the early age of 4, and by the time they
were 6 years old, the two were writing songs together. This creativity has lasted them a
lifetime and now is destined for the world.
As fate would have it, in their youth, AuraGin and StraightForward would go their
separate ways and take different life paths. StraightForward continued with more formal
education within the neighboring suburbs of Washington D.C. while AuraGin remained in
the hostile and high-paced climate of the inner city. StraightForward began to hone his
skills as a dj, producer, keyboardist and saxophonist. AuraGin focused on production,
keyboards, djembe, Latin percussion, trap drums and marimba. But, with a creative bond
like these two share, nothing could keep them apart. In 1997, StraightForward and
AuraGin reunited to form Hueman Prophets. Together, they have continued to represent
both the urban and suburban experiences within the Hip Hop generation and Black

The innovative format of Hueman Prophets music and performances are rooted in Hip
Hop culture. However, this duo are graphic storytellers that ultimately lend new
perspective to timeless, real-life situations. Their mission is to reconnect a generation
through lifting the veil of class structure and alienation. Using the “in your face” style of
Hip Hop theater, the Hueman Prophets take the stage. Blending polished lyricism with
captivating delivery, their sound is unforgettable. Pushing their theatrical approach to a
whole new level, the group is breaking new ground with their “motion album” concept.
Their form of entertainment takes Hip Hop music into uncharted territory.


1) Listen With Your Heart (13 song LP-2005)
2) The Old Souls Mix Album (18 track LP-2008)

Set List

45 minute Set
The G.U.N
Mr. Guilt
Baggage (Remix)
Secret Garden (remix)
The Rhythm The rebel
Moving Keys
Cummunnity Funded
Im Out There
Get With Me (remix)