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"HUE-Melt Kinetic Playground"

SouthSide On the Town

"…Marcus, take your shirt off…"
"…Haven't had a Marcus request in a long time…" – The Hue

Hey, Fearless fans, it's Friday night and SouthSide's taking the long train ride the coolest venue around town, Kinetic Playground! Many famous as well as locally famous have performed on its stage like Tom Schraedar to Raekwon (of the Wu-Tang Clan). Tonight she was there to check out the buzz about one hot progressive rock band called The Hue. This venue was absolutely alive with the sound of different music genres meshing together to create one mind blowing, psychedelic set. This set was solely a non-lyrical wave of continuous music that inspired the imagination for your soul, Fearless fans. It was a huge jam session of pure instrumental music that had the crowd going nuts for more. This is one band you definitely have to see and experience in person their unique organic sound.

Billed as "Chicago's new rock experience", this band reminded SouthSide of what Pink Floyd's instrumental songs might sound for the new rock generation, The Hue will certainly take your breathe away with their many riff and rhythm changes that would keep you rockin' to the beat. It certainly brought out the air guitar enthusiasts in some of the audience as they jammed along with the band. Their progressive rock music did fool SouthSide sometimes with sudden change in the tempo beat yet returning back to the original to conclude with an rousing finish. Don't be surprised, Fearless fans, if some of the riff changes seem a bit off key. Sometimes there was the classic 70s "chica-wa-wa" from the electrics mixing with the thumping bass while other rhythms were tossed at different directions at once. For example, during Prior Engagement, SouthSide's ears were bombarded with many riffs coming from opposite directions with the percussions staying on the original beat. Yet, the meshing of the unique guitar and percussion sounds did come together as one to keep this crowd groovin' in the end. The Hue came alive while performing each and every note never leaving their fans feeling disappointed.

Each song performed had its own unique intro which excited the audience into dancing frenzy at the front of the stage. In You Like, each guitar started off on the same riff however somewhere in the middle each one went their own separate rhythm before rejoining together at the end. Lucky Bigfoot began with a smooth jazz sound which totally blew away this reviewer's ears until they add a touch of funky 70s rock sound in the middle. This jammin' sound took her to a whole new level of music as they rocked the Kinetic stage with this seemingly neverending song. Flicker and Silent Wing were other prime examples of The Hue's wild change in guitar riffs and thunderous drum intro that had once again fired up the crowd into moving to the beat. SouthSide absolutely enjoyed her funky trip through outer space during Sky Runner. Whew, what a breathtaking ride it was, Fearless fans. From the start of the first notes, this song immediately zoomed into flight that didn't stop until crash landing back on solid ground in the end. Don Johnson had one of the hottest drum solos at the middle that SouthSide has ever heard before concluding their set with Day or Night.

If you want to experience what pure progressive instrumental music is all about, then SouthSide highly recommends you check out The Hue. It's definitely worth the price of admission to feel and hear music for the soul in the new millennium. The Hue will be performing at Kinetic Playground again on November 2nd for their EP release of "Unscene". For more information about this band, visit them at or at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local indie artists and music.


- Fearless Radio Chicago


First studio release coming summer 2007...



The Hue is a Chicago-based progressive rock quartet featuring Marcus Rezak and Jared Rabin on guitars, Geoff Shell on bass, and Brian Gilmanov on drums. These four individually accomplished musicians came together for the first time as a band in February, 2007. With an array of influences that range from jam-rock, metal and jazz to classical and bluegrass, The Hue has succeeded in creating a totally unique and original brand of electrified instrumental music in their short time together. With all four members of the band contributing to their arsenal of original material, their thunderous sound continues to evolve and grow with each show. From tight progressive rock tunes and wild dance til you drop jams to lyrical and melodious jazz pieces, and of course a healthy dose of dueling guitars, The Hue's live performances are already causing music fans in Chicago to take serious notice.

In their short time together, The Hue has played all over the Chicago scene including venues like The House of Blues, Martyrs, Kinetic Playground, and Subterranean. The band started their experience together with a two-month long stint of Wednesday nights at Chicago's famous Wise Fools Pub. They've already shared the bill with national acts including The Wood Bros, The Pnuma Trio and The Motet, and have been joined onstage by other Chicago artists including Brendan Bayliss of Umphreys McGee. The Hue is the next truly original rock band coming out the Midwest, so come check out the next show!