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"Interview with Musical Artist: Fame Da Beast" -

"Interview with Musical Artist: Fame Da Beast"

Interview with Musical Artist: Fame Da Beast0 comments
By Pauly
Posted on 14 Oct 2009 at 10:14pm

What’s the difference between hustlers and other would be money makers? Hustlers are what they are by nature, born not built. Their strives and ambitions set them apart from the crowd… WYS catches up with Fame Da Beast to see how his drive sets him apart from the rest!

Fame the Beast

BIO: Michael “Fame the Beast” Williams was born on the Southside of Dallas, Texas in 1984, and began rapping at an early age. Having written his first song around the 7th grade, Fame never really took his craft seriously until he went to the military in 2003 and moved to Norfolk, Virginia. With the aid of a few associates, Cheef, X.C., and Boogie, he started his first label called A.S.E. (All Star Entertainment). A.S.E gained a small buzz, before the group decided to disband. Fame relocated back to Dallas, Texas upon his discharge from the military in 2007, and established G-Side Entertainment. The “G” in the name is his way of showing homage to Glendale, the hood in which he grew up in. Upon his arrival home, he began networking with local promoters and performing at various venues as well as releasing a number of mixtapes to build his buzz. With his most publicized mixtape “Welcome Me Back” mixed and hosted by DJ Stevie D of the Hustle Squad/ Definition Djs, Fame is tentatively hitting the booth to record new material. While the mixtape is untitled at the moment, his last effort “Beast Music” has fans and friends alike all asking the same question; “When the album gone drop?”

Pauly: Fame the Beast, tell me: What’s Your Strive(s)?

Fame the Beast: Greatness simple as that, in whatever I do.

Pauly: Where are you from?

Fame the Beast: Dallas (Oak Cliff ), Texas.

Pauly: What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?

Fame the Beast: Dropping mixtape after mixtape, collaborating with other artist. Now I’m starting to work with Ms. Bliss and her production team to get out there, shout out to her.

Pauly: What do you do to separate yourself from the crowd?

Fame the Beast: My work ethic separates me. I went and got my own equipment so I wouldn’t have to wait on anybody and I make sure I out do all my competitors.

Pauly: How did you get started?

Fame the Beast: When I heard my brother homeboy rapping when I was in like 3rd grade and that really inspired me to do my thing. I still remember his fist couple of rhymes. He got killed a few years later so I had to keep it going. Then I just started studying how artists performed, how the delivery was, what made a great song and all that; put my own little flavor with it and took off.

Pauly: What are you currently working on?

Fame the Beast: My E.P, don’t have a name or a date yet just working on songs and getting everything prepped.

Pauly: Do you feel that your art form is a way to express yourself, or a way of life?

Fame the Beast: Of course it’s a way to express myself. But my style is unclassifiable!

Pauly: What’s your resume?

Fame the Beast: I have worked with artists from Cali to Philly honestly, and producers from Texas to France (yea people France). That just proves how my style can’t be classified. I did a Mixtape with definition/ hustle squad Djs, Dj Stevie D, open shows for Chamillionaire, Damn D, G.S Boys, and won talent competitions. You know nothing real major yet but just doing that made me feel like it’s so much more I’m trying to accomplish.

Pauly: Do you have a recording deal, or are you currently shopping around?

Fame the Beast: Nope. Get at me let’s talk business.

Pauly: What’s your opinion of the current music scene?

Fame the Beast: It’s alright I guess

Pauly: What suggestions do you have for other aspiring rappers?

Fame the Beast: Just C.Y.A (Cover Your Ass)

Pauly: Any other upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

Fame the Beast: “Royal Rumble” mixatpe with C riss and Dragnet. “W.H.O.O.L.A.G.A.N.S” mixtape with Sir. Scizza and Fly Guy

“Lost tapes” HuFame mixtape

{check me out}


Pauly: Well much success Fame the Beast, keep striving!

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Welcome Me Back; Legal Hustlen; GSE the Movement; Beast Music
"She Diggin Me" ft Dragnet
" Till The Wheels Fall Off" Ft HeartBreat-Prod By Truth Tella
"Work" Prod By Johny Juliano



Mike (born August 13, 1984), better known by his stage name, HuFAME, is a Dallas born and raised, southern rapper and businessman. He produced his first song, “Southside” in 1997 but did not began seriously pursuing his music career until 2003 when he traveled to Virginia, meeting various producers and music directors. From there, he began his own label, All Star ENT, with rappers XC, Cheef and Boobie. A year later, FAME branched off from ASE and began “ghost writing” and producing and writing songs for local artists.
He has performed in various Dallas clubs like, Palm Beach and Liquid Lounge and has shared the stage with artist like the G-Spot Boys. In 2008, he opened for rap artist Damn D and in mid 2009 he opened up for Chamillionaire during the “Big Sid B Day Bash” celebration. Fame has worked with producers, The Nu Age, Scotty Wu, Truth Tella and Showtime on his various mixtapes and worked with many artists from Cali to Philly.
In 2005, he released his first mixtape entitled “Truth In The Booth” featuring original songs by Fame and featuring artist, Dragnet, Dav and many more. In 2008 he released his third mixtape, “G S E Tha Movement” which helped his career move forward, selling units all over the DFW area.