Hugh Birdsall/Dogbite

Hugh Birdsall/Dogbite

 Clinton, Connecticut, USA

The Dogbite Manifesto:
Play for fun, for friends,
Occasionally for profit,
And always for pleasure.


Dogbite is an eclectic roots music combo performing in Connecticut clubs and coffeehouses for the past 9 years. Drawing from a rich variety of sources, the band brings its own personality and interpretation to traditional songs as well as numbers penned by the likes of Ray Charles, Townes Van Zandt, and Webb Wilder. Vocal harmonies, and strong songwriting round out the picture.
Micky Williston and Hugh Birdsall play guitar. Kevin Salley sometimes holds down the drum chair. Jim Fitzgerald II occasionally plays bass viol. And everybody sings.


RuffMix - 2004 LaBelleVie Records, a subsidiary of Rave On Records
JoyRide - 2009 LaBelleVie Records, a subsidiary of Rave On Records