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Hugh Cornwell


Hugh Cornwell (ex-Stranglers) completed his new album Hooverdam and first film Blueprint in Toerag Studios in 2008 with producer Liam Watson (White Stripes’ Elephant). Hooverdam is available worldwide as a high-quality free download from Hugh’s own website and from


Hugh Cornwell completed his new album Hooverdam and first film Blueprint (a live studio performance of the film and interview) in Toerag Studios in 2008 with producer Liam Watson, best known for producing the White Stripes’ Elephant. Hooverdam is also available worldwide as a high-quality free download from Hugh’s own website and from The physical release is a triple-sleeved digipak featuring both album and film in one exclusive CD / DVD package. The album is also available on vinyl.

Hugh Cornwell is one of the UK's finest song-writing talents and accomplished live performers. The original guitarist, singer and main songwriter in The Stranglers enjoyed massive UK and European success with ten hit albums and twenty-one top forty singles in the 17-year period he was in the band. The Stranglers etched themselves into the UK's musical psyche with Peaches, No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Always The Sun, Grip, Nice N Sleazy, Duchess, Walk On By, Strange Little Girl and Skin Deep.

Cornwell has reveled in his musical freedom ever since a sold out Stranglers gig at London's Alexandra Palace in the summer of 1990, when he announced he was leaving the group.

He has released seven solo albums, Wolf (1988), Wired (1993), Guilty (1997), Hifi (2001), Beyond Elysian Fields (2004), Footprints In The Desert (2005), Dirty Dozen (2006); and three collaborations, Nosferatu (1979) featuring Robert Williams, CCW (1992) featuring Roger Cook and Andy West, and Sons Of Shiva (2002) featuring Sex W Johnston.

Cornwell's book, The Stranglers: Song by Song, was published in November 2001 by Sanctuary Publishing. In it he explains for the first time the real stories behind the Stranglers extensive catalogue of songs. In October 2004 Cornwell's autobiography A Multitude of Sins was published by Harper Collins.

The Stranglers' most successful song, Golden Brown, featured on the soundtrack to Guy Ritchie's Hollywood blockbuster Snatch; whilst Peaches was used as the opening sequence of the hit film Sexy Beast as well as in a Nike TV ad for 2002's Football World Cup.

A triple live album, People Places Pieces is available at and contains dazzling live renditions of 45 tracks spanning the whole of Cornwell's career. It spans his time with the Stranglers from 1974 to 1990, plus his critically acclaimed solo career to date and features remarkable performances of old and new standards.

“[Hooverdam] is a cousin to Lou Reeds storming 1988 LP, New York. A very coherent album with a timeless quality” Record Collector.

“He remains a hugely popular and prolific performer who’s songwriting retains it’s fiery eloquence and whose gigs still crackle with electricity” Class Rock.

“He’s been vastly underrated as a solo performer in the past, but even the most lapsed of fans should revel in this LP release.” The Fly Magazine.


IHCD52 / IH52 (Vinyl)
- CD & DVD Digipak
- Vinyl
- FREE Download

'People; Places; Pieces'
- 3 CD Box Set

'Dirty Dozen'

'Beyond Elysian Fields'

'Under Her Spell'

Set List

Please Don't Put Me On A Slow Boat To Trowbridge
Going To The City
Delightful Nightmare
Within You Or Without You
Beat Of My Heart
Phillip K Ridiculous
The Pleasure Of Your Company
Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Banging On At The Same Old Beat

Plus selection from:-
Golden Brown
No More Heroes
Bring On The Nubiles
Miss Teazy Weazy
Do Right Bayou
Hanging Around
The Story of Harry Power
Henry Moore
Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit
Nuclear Device
Irate Caterpillar
I Feel Like A Wog
Nice N' Sleazy
First Bus To Babylon
Torture Garden
Dead Loss Angeles
Shaking Like A Leaf
Beauty On The Beach
Land Of A Thousand Kisses
Dark Side Of The Room
Goodbye Toulouse
Putting You In The Shade
Down In The Sewer
Leave Me Alone
Something Better Change
Nerves of Steel
Baroque Bordello
Picked Up By The Wind
Out Of My Mind
Under Her Spell
Always The Sun
I Don’t Mind
Long Dead Train
Live It An