Hughes & Wilson

Hughes & Wilson


Attention Baby Boomers! Want to hear the kind of music we listened to when we were young, but tired of the same old tunes? Hughes & Wilson writes and performs new music that takes you back! Country, folk and rock & roll - just the way you remember it - only diffferent!


Hughes & Wilson is the continuation of a partnership that has spanned 16 years and 8 full-length albums. 2005 saw them not only tour Ontario's Legions, promoting their newest album and video "Thank God for Poppies", they performed at Canada's Wonderland, Roy Thomson Hall and Exhibition Place in Toronto. Rick's songwriting has been compared to Gordon Lightfoot and John Prine - not because of the sound, but because of the feelings that his songs evoke. Belinda's songwriting tends toward a light country style. On stage, Hughes & Wilson combine their instrumental talent and superb vocal abilities with humour and good-natured sparring that involves and delights the audiences. What sets them apart from other bands is a unique combination of lack of pretense and audacity. The first shows itself in the humility of the players - they never 'blow their own horn' - they don't have to, because once they start to play, the magic is evident. The audacity allows them to play any night (Legions, bars, private parties) with at least 50% original, often unreleased material in a 4-hour gig, and have the audience eating it up!


Weekend Warrior

Written By: Richard B. Hughes

Verse 1:
He puts in his forty
Like so many on the line
And the boss wants more you know
But he's not so inclined
And he fingers at the whistle
As he heads out through the door
And he's finally free to be
The weekend warrior

Verse 2:
He fills the Chev with gasoline
And oil if it needs
Buys a ticket for the weekly draw
A six-pack and some cigs
He turns the key to his a.p.t.
And he hurries to transform
Into that super bar-room hero
Oh that weekend warrior

Weekend warrior
There's someone on his mind
Weekend warrior
He's tryin' hard to hide
And he'll dance to the music
All alone out on the floor
Yes and that's a sure tell-tale sign
Of a weekend warrior

Verse 3:
And he flirts with the barmaid
Like she's the one he needs
While the balls on the table
Fall to his expertise
Yeah he's a champion player
So good he's sometimes bored
But he'll take on all comers
Oh that weekend warrior

Verse 4:
He's waitin' for somebody
The one he sees so clear
Through the bottom of the glass
Of his sixth or seventh beer
And he'll break away from starin'
If you talk about the game
Tryin' not to show his feelings
For the warrior remains


Hurtin' Side of Love

Written By: Belinda L. Wilson

I'm standin' on the hurtin' side of love again
No moonlight walks, no big bouquets
Just tears and pain
And I know that I'll have better days
But I just don't know when
'Cause I'm standin' on the hurtin' side of love again

Verse 1:
You're not the first to break my heart
And you won't be the last
Somebody new will replace you
Now that you're in my past
But you won't find yourself lonely there
There's many gone before
'Cause the beaten path to my heart
Travels through a swinging door


Verse 2:
What's wrong with me, I'll never learn
I'm just a fool for love
If he treats me nice just once or twice
Then he's what I'm dreaming of
But before too long, he'll change his mind
And then he'll say goodbye
Just another man who's done me wrong
And left me here to cry


Found Myself a Mountain

Written By: Richard B. Hughes

Verse 1:
Well they say that the music isn't going far
They say that my sound ain't real unique
But I don't know these people
And I don't care who they are
But they seem to know me better than I know me

Well, I found myself a mountain
And I climbed it to the top
And I've looked over the valleys and the seas
And I found myself a bottle
And I drank it every drop
Just to find there's nothing wrong with me

Verse 2:
Well the younger ones have told me that the old ones have all gone
They gave as much of what they had to give
But I'm still givin' something
So I know that that's all wrong
And I've been playin' my guitar
Longer than they've lived


Verse 1:


Annie (How Did You Get Along?)

Written By: Richard B. Hughes

Verse 1
I said Annie don't you know the nail goes in that way
And when you feed the chickens, you collect the eggs
Use your time more wisely before you wash my clothes
For if you do there'll be some time
For goodness only knows...

How did you get along
Before I met you Annie
How did you get along
Before we said hello
How did you get along
Before I met you Annie
Before I met you Annie
You was out there all alone

Verse 2
Like a lamb to slaughter in a world so wild and free
A millionaire's daughter, ain't it lucky you found me
Just think what might have happened had you never learned to cry
All that money and that happiness could ruin a woman's life


All alone (all alone)
All alone (come on home)
Before I met you Annie
You was out there all alone

Don't you like carryin' the water for my tea
Don't you like wadin' in the snow up to your knees
And you must think it's heaven with that new outhouse out back
Well you can thank me later Annie
There's a 'possum in the sack


Verse 3
Now that old hound is hungry - tell by the way he growls
So how much in your cookie jar, yeah I'll be gone awhile
Don't forget the garden for the weeds look mighty high
Make sure there's chips and beer 'cause the poker game's tonight

Before I met you Annie
You was out there all alone

Good Time Girl

Written By: Belinda L. Wilson

Good Time Girl

Now you're the one who always likes to party
And you're the one who's always on the town
And you keep tellin' me
That you'd rather be free
Than saddled with someone who brings you down
And you look so smart and dapper when you're leavin'
And you look like hell when finally you come home
Now baby I don't see
Just what the fun can be
But it must be better than sittin' here alone

So I'm gonna party like nobody's business
I'm steppin' into someone else's world
And I'm gonna make some noise
And dance with all the boys
And be somebody else's good time girl

Verse 2
Now I can't wait for my first taste of whiskey
And I'm gonna dress up like I have no shame
And I'll laugh at all the jokes
And buy drinks until I'm broke
And cuddle up to good ol' whats-his-name
And I'll try to make it home before tomorrow
But I ain't makin' plans that I can't keep
Now baby, don't be blue
I'm turnin' into you
'Cause that's what you keep wantin' me to be

And be somebody else's good time girl

Damn You Tequila

Written By: Richard B. Hughes

Verse 1
I was on my tenth tequila
When she walked in through the door
I said "I really need ya
You're what I'm lookin' for"
But before the sun had risen
I found she was a man
And like a jailbird out of prison
I cursed you as I ran

And I said
"Damn you Tequila
If it were not for you
I'd be home sober tonight
Not acting like a fool
Damn you Tequila
You treated me unkind
But I'll drink you, Tequila, off my mind"

Verse 2
Now most have their troubles
And I've more than a few
But when I'm seein' double
I blame it all on you
For if you had never left me
Then I would not be here
So I drink tequila to remind of that dear


Verse 3

Well I drink until sundown
And then I drink a little more
And just before I pass out
They throw me out the door
But in the morning with my coffee
A few drops to start my day
And then five shots with my cold pizza
And man I'm really on my way

I'll drink you Tequila
'Cause that's the way I'm dealin' with ya
I'll drink you Tequila off my mind


Don't Say Goodbye - 1994
Poor Boy - 1998
Cruel River - 1999
Breakin' In - the Millennium Remix - 2000
Horse-Whisperin' Man - 2003
DiVERSE - 2003
Thank God for Poppies - 2004
The 'Orny Li'l Leprechaun...and other Celtic Tunes - 2006
"Thank God for Poppies" receives Canadian airplay.
Unreleased "Hurtin' Side of Love" and "Found Myself a Mountain" currently on The Country EDGE, online on "That's Country" -

Set List

We typically do 4-hour nights. This involves 3 one-hour sets (that usually end up to be a bit longer). We are constantly juggling our set lists to accommodate the audience, but a typical first set might include: Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Ronstadt), That Ol' Moon (original from Don't Say Goodbye), Alberta Bound (Gordon Lightfoot), Someday Soon (Ian Tyson, female version), The 'Orny Li'l Leprechaun (The Viagra Song) (Original from album of same name), Sonny's Dream (Ron Hynes), Bop (Dan Seals), Gull River Girl (original from Cruel River), I Fall to Pieces (Patsy Cline), Coboconk Boy (original, unreleased), French Kissin' (original, unreleased), Jolly Rovin' Tar (Great Big Sea), Back When (Tim McGraw), Good Time Girl (original, unreleased) Cotton Jenny (Gordon Lightfoot, female version), Runaway (Del Shannon, female version), Don't Cry Baby (original, unreleased), Found Myself A Mountain (original, unreleased), Don't Close Your Eyes (Keith Whitley), Satin Sheets (Jeannie Sealey