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All That Is Hugonaut EP 2006

Hugonaut (demo) 2005



HUGONAUT is the newest progressive rock band from Denton, Texas. The band's musical influences span from classic rock, blues, jazz, metal, classical, and punk. In the fall of 1999, guitarist Billy Patterson from San Angelo, Texas and bassist Ryan Rogers from Wichita Falls, Texas met in Cleveland, Mississippi (merely forty minutes from the infamous Crossroads) at Delta State University on the swim team where they started the punk band point5-0.

Ryan and Billy packed up and moved to Denton, Texas in December 2003 to join drummer, Josh Fletcher. Josh brought his original style of percussion due to his talent and training of various instuments (trumpet, french horn, drums, bass, guitar, etc.) His jazz roots and swing beats gave a new sound to what was once raw punk music. A few months later, vocal auditions were held. Angelo Fesperman was a Texas All-State vocalist and a former Vocal Perfomance major at Oklahoma State University. His classical training added the vocal melodies the band yearned for but never could attain in point5-0. Angelo, Billy, Josh and Ryan spent the early part of 2005 recording and producing their own demo on a digital 8-track in their practice room/garage. The 3-song demo includes: Tired Eyes, Cellophaned, and Double Dragon, all written by Hugonaut.

Then, on the morning of May 18th, 2005, one of the founding members of Hugonaut and point5-0, bassist Ryan Rogers committed suicide. Angelo and Billy prepared a song, appropriatly entitled, Ryan Taylor Rogers, and performed it at the memorial service for friends and family on May 21st, 2005. After much grief and mourning, the remaining members of the band, Josh, Angelo, and Billy agreed that Ryan would want them to continue on and never let up. Since Ryan's death, Hugonaut has put its songwriting in high gear and is using the tragedy as inspriration for a promising future. Josh, Billy, and Angelo played a tribute to Ryan Rogers at Andy's on The Square in Denton in late June and will continue to play shows in the North Texas area.

In September of 2005, Philip McClung and Brandt Holmes joined the band to participate in the songwriting process. Philip and Brandt were both in the band Trybyss ironically where Ryan was laid to rest in Wichita Falls, Texas. Philip's guitar parts are complementary to the rythym guitar parts, and add a new dimension, body and depth to all of the bands songs. His study of music thoery makes the songs more complex, but still Hugonaut songs. Brandt has put his own spin on Ryan's bass melodies, as well as bringing more of a metal influence to the low end of the band. He came in and quickly picked up right where Ryan had left off. The band recently recorded their EP, "All That Is Hugonaut", the songs: Cellophaned, Shards of Arrogance, Perhaps, and Silence the Sirens are on the CD. The EP was produced by Hugonaut and Ryan Miller and Kris Tatsch of Square One Studios in Carrollton, Texas. Hugonaut's live performances are loud and "in-your-face" and should be experienced by everyone who likes rock, of any genre.