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The best kept secret in music


"Has there ever been a band name that says "bratty girl pop" better than Huh-Uh? The phrase "Huh-Uh," loosely translated, means "I don't care what you just said — you're wrong and you're not getting what you want and that's final."

The band Huh-Uh is a new player on the Seattle scene, a batch of female keyboardists coming together for — according to the band's profile at — "Bubblegum Goth: A cross between Devo and Depeche-Mode if they were adolescent high school girls."

Huh-Uh bows down to Tracy and the Plastics, Siouxsie and Seattle's own Anna Oxygen. ("Exercize Your Demons" is very Anna O.)

The three songs on its myspace site are entertaining, with the standout being "Castles," which has a layer of sincere longing beneath its synth-pop beats.

If nothing else, this band has a sense of humor, promising, "If you subscribe to the Oprah Winfrey magazine, you probably won't like us. ... If you stay up late and eat pizza-flavored CornNuts, you may hallucinate to our music ... "

The Huh-Uh girls play an early show at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at El Corazon ($10), performing a short set with six other bands on the bill."- Tom Scanlon
- The Seattle Times


Let us pause and praise it.

Weird is the absence of boredom.

So many bands are so dead serious about what they're doing, and/or so very like so very many other bands ... hey, let's be the next Pixies ... No, no let's be the next Beatles! ... Well, OK, let's at least be the next Modest Mouse ... Snore.

Thank goodness — thank weirdness — there are some bands and musical acts out there that aren't trying to be like anyone else: They'd rather be unique, odd, off-the-beaten-chords.

They're not afraid to be laughed at, to be misunderstood, to have those who don't get it roll their eyes and think "what a buncha losers!" They embrace their inner freak.

Huh-Uh is weird.

Stage right, playing a keyboard, is a woman (Hailey Gaiser) who seems to be a "Saturday Night Live" sketch come to life — some sort of aerobics freak/'70s cheerleader mish-mash who can't stop moving, cheering, dancing. You get the idea she could do a dance routine to a drum solo.

Stage left, playing a keyboard, is waifish Cassie Wulff, who soon begins to resemble Audrey Hepburn on hallucinogens; she's pretty normal looking, but wait till she starts talking and singing — not of this Earth, not the stuff we normally see at this elevation.

Stage center, playing a keyboard (that's right, three keyboard players), is Tonjia Rhen, looking normal enough, and somewhat of an anchor to reality. She even sings a lovely ballad, "Castles." A little later, she plays an over-the-top retro drama queen, singing " '80s Drama."

Molly Ringwald's twisted sister, right here.

A recent show by this new band at El Corazon won converts midway into the band's second song — about when newcomers in the audience "get it." Oh yeah, they're not really serious, they're totally messing with us — and you can dance to it!

The likes of "Hair-Do Do It," "Hot Chick Physics" and "Dead Boyfriend" all have surprisingly bouncy beats, considering the songs are being played on toy keyboards and other kiddie instruments.

It soon becomes clear that this is one of the weirdest — and funniest, by far — bands to hit Seattle in quite some time.

Rhen, the master of the deadpan and master of ceremonies, answers an e-mail by saying, "we came together over a mutual love of horror movies, Crispin Glover and quantum physics," and "We like unitards, unicorns, but not unibrows."

Get on the Huh-Uh weirdness, and hear them play new songs "Like a Ferret" and "Graveyard Girlfriend" 5 p.m. Sunday at the Funhouse ($5). - Tom Scanlon


- Seattle Times


We don't have any airplay yet. We have one song on a compilation 7" picture disc on Crunks Not Dead Records. Internet Love is also on the Crunks Not Dead compilation CD.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Huh-Uh's keyboard stylings will make you dance to the theoretical physics of Dr. Stephen Hawking. A cross between Devo and Depeche Mode if they were adolecent High-school girls, Huh-Uh is best decribed as "Bubblegum Goth." They've been compared to Anna Oxygen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Tracy + the Plastics. Huh-uh will pants you/romance you/ dinner-and-a-dance you.