Huke Green

Huke Green

 Houston, Texas, USA

Americana Music with lyrics that will ease your pain one minute and rip your heart out the next!


"Musta Been da Water you was Drinking as a Kid... It's down with some Greasy Solid Groove Brother." - JaBeaux, the Groove Master

Born and raised in Channelview, Texas, surrounded by bayous, oaks and pines along the San Jacinto River and the mouth of the Houston Ship Channel. Huke spent many of his formative years outdoors amongts the Earth and woods. Catching crawdads in the ditch in front of his house and shooting snakes were among his favorite activities. Huke was, and is still, a big fan of horror movies and monster magazines as well. All of this leading to an active imagination.

Huke's mother began taking him to the local Quaker meeting at a very young age, the very same meeting he and his family still attend to this very day. His spiritual senses, the Light and Dark sides, can be heard in many of his writings. He's inclined to cut a path through the middle and pull a little from each, this trend tends to keep his works based in a firm reality. Be it a happy or sad tune, it has a graveled sincerity that keeps the listener intrigued.

"The purity of his heart and lyrics is contrasted with his coarse earth ridden vocals. Huke can and will arrest you with hard fought lyrics and delivery." - Ben Hall

Unlike most musicians who perform cover songs and then begin to craft their own works Huke began his musical endeavors with poetry. Huke started putting music to his original lyrics and decided that writing songs was more artistically appealing than poems alone. After his first few years of performing and having fellow musicians admire his story telling ability he has come to believe that songwriting may have been his gift all along.

Huke's transition into public performance began when he met Ben Hall and Randy Hill while on his honeymoon in the Summer of 2007. They had been performing in their band, the Dragliners, on the back deck of one of the nations premiere acoustic music venues, McGonigel's Mucky Duck, in Houston, Texas. Their show held weekly on Fridays was going to have to be put on hiatus as the Mandolin player extraordinaire, Matt Ling was due to finish his studies in law and would need to take time off from playing. Ben and Randy asked Huke to sit in with them in a writers in the round song-swap the next coming Friday, and this Friday swap continued under the banner of 'The Front Porch Society' for two more seasons thereafter. In addition to Ben, Randy and Huke the FPS boasted a main cast of notable musicians such as Claire Small, Nathan Taylor, Matt Harlan, Jimmy Pizzitola and Samuel Barker before the end of the back deck performances in November of 2009. The same grouping also held a Winter residence at Shoeshine Charlie's Big Top Lounge, a sister venue to the legendary Continental Club.

It was during a Big Top show that Huke was approached by Jeff Rodgers about forming a band. Huke, with his folky styling, was unsure about a band, but agreed. They formed 'The Wayward Sons' with Huke playing and voicing his songs, Jeff on Bass and Mitch Reuther on Drums. They played their first show in a co-bill with the Dragliners at the Corner Pub in Conroe, and Huke was convinced that having a band was not a bad thing at all. The Wayward Sons evolved and found a steady line up with Samuel Barker on Bass, Nathan Taylor on lead, and Juan Uceda on Drums. In the Summer of 2009 the Sons played Momo's in Austin, Recorded a Live CD at Rudyard's in Houston, and kicked off The Guinness World record weekend in Luckenbach, Texas.

"Man, I must say that you are the love child of Bob Dylan and Ramblin Jack, if such a thing were possible." - Tony D.

With Drummer Juan suffering an elbow injury, The Sons played sporadically after the Summer of 2009. During this time Samuel and Huke continued The Front Porch Society tradition playing duo swap shows and releasing an EP titled "Harbingers of Happiness". The Duo also began to co-front The Wayward Sons in early 2010 whenever they did have an occasional show. In the Summer of 2010 Sam, Huke and Nathan Taylor took an FPS road trip to Memphis, Chicago and Saint Louis. In January of 2011 The Wayward Sons officially went on hiatus as Nathan Taylor and Samuel Barker concentrated on their individual projects.

In November of 2010 Huke began to lay down the foundation to a solo album which would come be called 'Rustic Poet'. What was to be strictly an acoustic album eventually included four "Band" style songs featuring Tommy Worley on guitar, Samuel Barker on bass and Kev Harrison on drums. The rest of the album features Tommy Worley laying down sparse Resonator, Guitjo, and acoustic leads as well as haunting violin arrangement by Jonathan Lin.

"Huke's voice is not, in all honesty, conventionally attractive but it has a sort of grizzled sentimentality about it which works very effectively with his rootsy songs to create something tough but tender." - Ernie Goggins

Now Huke is posed to get out to the masses with the release of 'Rustic Poet'. In effort not to li


Huke Green - Rustic Poet

The Wayward Sons - On The Wayward Path: Live

Set List

Back Roads
Blue Blue Eyes
Don't Ask Me Why
Letter to a Son
Let Everybody know
Devil's Shout
In the End
Old No. 4
Dead Horses
Right About Now
Queen Of The Corner
Front Porch
Bare Bones
Broken Wings
Prayin' For Rain
Early Grave
Downtroddin Prayer
Next To Me
The Bayou Black
Mercy's Feet