Inspired to create dynamic and original songs based in punk, blues, and indie-rock, Hulett takes its listener on a sonic journey from the past to the present.


After forming in 2009 and taking a year off in 2011, Hulett came roaring back in 2012. With rhythms based in indie and experimental rock and guitar heavily rooted in the blues, Hulett's blend of modern and traditional rock are unique.

Continuously evolving both personally and sonically, Hulett's sound is influenced by
the early 90's (Helmet and Fugazi) and late 90's & 2000's (Nirvana, The BJM, and The Black Crowes).



Written By: Kevin Gibson

I see windows, everywhere
Those windows are giving me quite a scare
I'm curious, so I take a peek
My mind then scatters
No words I can speak

Retreat, retreat, retreat
All of my progress, I defeat
Retreat, retreat, retreat
An introspective overkill!

There's a man, over there
The man is giving me quite a stare
With whispers, his presence is fierce
Calm, cool, collected, his whispers they pierce

Let go, let go, let go
Let go and fly away with the snow
Let go , let go, let go
A free fall landing in powdery snow!

There's a man, standing here
Un-phased by destruction, the answers so clear
The Man, standing here
Forever embracing the windows of fear


Written By: Kevin Gibson


I feel like we're on a mission
to help each other grow
To embrace a world of change
To lay back and let it flow

I feel like we're on a mission
Cos in the grand, scheme of things
Our time is only measured
By the knowledge that we bring

So if we
Let our time
Pass us by
Then we've wasted
All of our time


Written By: Kevin Gibson

Paths of exploration
eventually sorted out
thoughts of our supression
finally seeping out

Paths of exploration
Leading to the rise
of The Sun
and expectations
of you and I

Side by Side

Thoughts of tempation
dragging us off path
But the wisdom of love
always drags us back

Paths of exploration
leading to the rise
of the sun
and expectations
of You and I

Side by Side