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Once upon a time there lived a girl called Debs, she was a bit different. Her hair was a bit green but apart from that she looked relatively normal enough, or so it would seem. She liked it like that, it generally suited her. She couldn't trust easily and so would conceal how misunderstood and isolated she really felt. Far accross the other side of the galaxy there also lived a guy called Hull, he was somewot strange as well and like Debs, the fucked up things and irony had made him kinda abstract too. He showed no obvious apparant indication of this either but his forked tongue was sometimes a bit difficult to disguise. Some saw it as freeky but it mattered not to Debs, infact she kinda liked it. For many years both Hull and Debs got on with their external lifes, their behaviours were reflected, but they remained unaware of their internal connection. And so it was until one day when Hulls Voodoo Elders and Deb's Pagan Angels got together and decided it was time the two should meet again. They carefully considered all the aspects of circumstance and everyone agreed that there was only one possible way to do it. Accross the Ocean and lots of Mountains, spanning over 10,000 lite years accross the universe, they concentrated really hard and incited a mind melge to occur. Later that day Debs found herself wondering aimlessly around Cyber Space when Hulls figure approached her out of the mist. He instantly senced her distress and offered her the kind of warmth and familarity that legends are made of. They talked for hours, they talked for days, he never judged her, he never made demands and she adhored him for it. And so wot if she was a bit off the wall, Hull didn't mind "why" she was so weird infact he quite liked it. :>) After a while their teleconnetic capeabilities had grown so powerful that one nite they dreamed the same dream. Well there were slight differences of course. In Hulls dream the manifestation appeared in the form of a Goblin and in Debs in the form of a Mermaid. Hmmmm thought Debs about forming distinctions from delusions, would she know if this was different? Hmmmm thought Hull, everyone he had allowed to get close had ended up leaving. Then they both thought, well fuck it if it makes us feel good, this love is weird, this love is true and we both drunk some stuff from the sacred gauntlet and spoke the words of the ancient language. Roughly translated they were "Like silhouttes and dandylions, Fossels, bones and Crystaline, By Dragons Breath and morning due, Unite as one the souls of two" No sooner was the spell completed when there was a hugh explosion causing symolotanious intergaletic paralle dimension convergence. Time and Distance, Fantasy and Reality all stopped for a moment and the next thing Debs knew she was floating on a lilac ocean. Coming towards her out of the sky was Hull on the back of a white Unicorn. He reached out his hand and scooped Debs outa the water and swung her up besides him. A trail of their surplass bliss dispersed accross the land as they flew off together to make love upon the moonlit sands of a secluded island. And so the adventure began... - - - ----->the album - 'Unrealities' due for release later this year ;^)