Human Bodies

Human Bodies

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Human Bodies is a 5-piece experimental progressive rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario. Known for building layers of driving and intricate rock sprinkled with synthesizers and dreamy vocals, Human Bodies achieves a fine balance of Progressive Rock, Experimental and Pop music.


Based out of Toronto, Human Bodies is a collective of multi-instrumentalist rockers who deliver a balance of expansive sound, deep harmonies and melodic hooks. With members originating from all ends of the country, Human Bodies amalgamate their favorite sounds from pop, ambient and progressive music to create an emotive and expressive wall of sound. For this 5-piece, making music involves spending time together experimenting and jamming until pieces evolve and grow. Their first EP, titled Continue, was released in August of 2012 and contained an eclectic mix of progressive and experimental rock songs with sprinklings of pop hooks and catchy horn lines. Human Bodies never fears trying something new and unusual and continually strives to produce big and emotion-evoking tracks. Over the last 2 years, Human Bodies has played a wide variety of venues in Toronto, built up a solid fan base and have incorporated visual effects into their live show, resulting in an ever-changing and exciting live experience.

"Dynamic, rhythmically driven indie rock, collective spirit, feel-good energy, aided by an uplifting horn section. A band that achieves a fine balance between musical chops and undeniable charm. "
-Lonely Vagabond

"don't be fooled by their looks and charm, these punks deliver face melting rock/indie/shoegaze to heart breaking melodies"
-Eytan Tobin (Elektrotank, the Cautioneers)