Human Anyway

Human Anyway

 Nixa, Missouri, USA

Human Anyway is a band that writes music that is passionate and reminds us we aren't perfect, we are all just human anyway.


Human Anyway is a group of guys that were brought together to produce music that relates to people where they are in both a fun and personal way. We remind people that we aren't perfect and are learning as we go...after all, aren't we all just Human Anyway?



Written By: Human Anyway

Why do I do the things I do
Why do I say the things I say
I shut out your word for me
And just slap you in the face

You’ve given me so much
But my ungrateful heart just laughs
I throw your gifts right to the ground
And my life shatters like glass
I am an ungrateful child
A stupid little brat
Rebellion's taken over
And is running through my veins
It’s pulsing and causing me to sin
I’ve gotta get a hold of what is within
You came and changed the way I see
I now see that you love me
Oh, you, love, me

And, now I’m free to know
That my life before
Was worthless sand
As much as I tried to grasp it
It kept falling through my hands
I now cling to the solid rock on which I stand
Changing now
Not like before
Washed clean
Love me more

With a perfect love
Your arms welcome me home
I feast right beside you and
You’re joyful I’ve returned
My sins are washed away
Forgiveness is set in stone
I learned so much while out on my own

And now I can clearly see
The good times were for a moment
But the love you have for me
Was meant to set me free
Oh, Jesus, you set me free

Love me
Forgive me
Jesus show me love
Love me
Forgive me
Jesus show me love

Break Free

Written By: Human Anyway

Fallen, beaten, scarred, and shattered
I've lost sight of all that mattered
All I find, won't numb the pain
I feel like I'm gonna go insane

To break free
Let him be
Who He is
The one true friend
The pain
That makes you insane
Will flee
When you let Him be

Searching, crying, screaming, dying
What's the use of even trying
The pain I feel is bleeding through my pores
To numb it all I need something more

To break free
Let him be
Who He is
The one true friend
The pain
That makes you insane
Will flee
When you let Him be


Single:  "Cry Me A River" (2018)

CD:  Critical Mass (2016)

Single: "Not Ordinary" (2016)

Single: "Truth in Lies" feat. Steven Cooper (March 2013)

Single: "Gift of Words" (Nov. 2012)

CD: "Who We Are" (June 2012)

Single: "Break Free" (January 2012)

Single: Ashes in the Wind (acoustic version)- Fall 2011

Single: Prodigal (acoustic version)- Fall 2011

CD: "Yet To Be Determined" released on March 26, 2010.

Single: "Dear Child (for Joplin Missouri)" released May 22, 2011 as a fundraiser for the Joplin tornado victims.

"Humble Me" and "Prodigal" have been played on Q102's "Homegrown" show in Springfield, MO.

Humble Me, Dear Child, Prodigal, Speechless Heart, & Beautiful Disaster have all be hits on online radio stations.

Set List

Break Free

Cry Me A River

Truth in Lies

Not Ordinary

Jesus Freak


We normally do all original songs with a couple of covers depending on the venue and event.