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Nixa, Missouri, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Nixa, Missouri, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Christian




"The Sitting Chair: Human Anyway"

Check out the issue for a full interview. - Vents Magazine

"New Music Spotlight August 2010 Edition: Human Anyway"

Devoted Christians, Devoted Musicians, Devoted to their family and friends, Devoted to their fans, and Devoted to providing us with awesome music are all what can best describe the wonderful music of Human Anyway. We recently spoke to the Indie band about their music and what drives them to make such passionately music that many others will find appealing. Here are the band’s answers to these and other questions we asked them in this week’s weekly music spotlight. Enjoy!

Isaac: Let’s get started with this interview.

Isaac: When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music?

Human Anyway: Everyone has been interested in music from a very young age. Jeremy, Chris, and John have been playing guitar since they were kids, and Zac has been singing since he was four, while Matt has been playing drums for years.

Isaac: What is the origin of the band? Where did the name Human Anyway come from?

Human Anyway: Jeremy and Chris along with two of their friends wanted to start a band after previously being in the band Seventh Reason. They were looking for a lead singer and Chris posted that on his MySpace account. Zac, who had met Chris through a mutual friend, answered the posting. The guys selected Zac as their lead singer and after a few months of practicing, two of the band members made the decision to move out of state for job opportunities. So, Matt, who had been joking with the guys to call him if they ever needed a drummer, got a call and joined the band. After about another year and a half of looking for a guitar player that would be the right fit with the band, Jeremy met John when they were both watching the events of a grease fire in their apartment complex.

The band's name came from the idea that everyone is human and will make mistakes. Too many times people think you have to be perfect, but this life is about learning from those mistakes and learning that we can do nothing to make ourselves right before God. God made that possible through His son Jesus (Rom. 3:23-25).

Isaac: Beautifl!!

Isaac: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences and why?

Human Anyway: Anyone who listens to our music will see all types influence us and we try to take those influences and weave them into our music. Each of the guys has a different type of music that he really likes. Bands like Switchfoot, Skillet, and Kutless are probably are more genre-specific influences.

We are influenced by music that speaks to us either through the lyrics or through the story told through the music itself. Those things touch you personally and will influence your music.

Isaac: What has been the greatest highpoint in your career so far?

Human Anyway: Having our CD released. You work so hard and finally have a product you can give to people. And the fact that they like it is even better.

Isaac: What has been the greatest disappointment in your career so far? What did you learn from that experience?

Human Anyway: I think we always want things done faster, but we have learned to take our time with writing songs or recording because the end product is always so much better when you really focus on what needs to be done.

Isaac: What draws you to want to play the type of music that you do?

Human Anyway: The message we have to share with people. Too many times people have the wrong idea of a person who is a Christian or Christian music. We have message that there is a God who loves you and has moved heaven and earth to be with you. You don't have to be perfect or complete a checklist for Him to love you. You just have to come as you are.

Isaac: What do you feel it takes to play this type of music that you play?

Human Anyway: A heart to know that you are right where you are supposed to be. We have a message that we want to share, and we will go where we are supposed to go. It would be great to play for 50,000 people, but we are also content playing for 100 if that is where we are supposed to be. It's not about the fame. It's about sharing our music and the message that goes with it.

Isaac: What do you think you will create that will make your performances and who you are stand out in the music industry?

Human Anyway: We have fun on stage. If we are having fun, then the audience is too. Too many shows are focused on the explosions. We would rather have fun with our audience and let them see our passion as we play our music. We hope then that our passion will be contagious.

Isaac: If you had the opportunity to do one cover, what cover would you do and why? How would you put your own spin on this cover?

Human Anyway: It is always so hard to do a cover because you never want to ruin the original. But, we'd love to find a great song that is out of our genre and then rock it up a bit. It would be great to take "Those Nights" by Skillet and slow it down and make it more of a simple song. You either have to completely change it or do it exactly the same or it just isn't good.

Isaac: What does it take to be a good songwriter?

Human Anyway: I think it take the ability to take what you are feeling and transmit that to words and music. When you think about the songs that touch you deepest, they are the ones that you can relate to a particular emotion. When you can do that, you are a good songwriter.

Isaac: How difficult is it to juggle music, family and work obligation, and life in general? Explain.

Human Anyway: When you are doing something you like and when you know this was something you were created to do, you make time for it and adjust your schedule to make it happen. We have band members who have just had babies (well, their wives did), and we work together as a group to adjust our schedules to keep the band going and keep it successful. The saying that true love is putting the needs of others ahead of your personal needs applies here. You have five guys who are like brothers and who love each other like brothers and so we work to help each other out.

Isaac: What is your definition of being an Indie artist/band?

Human Anyway: An Indie artist is someone who wants to maintain control of their music. Someone can still be Indie and have a record contract or another "deal" as long as they maintain control of their music and don't "sell out" to what other people want them to do.

Isaac: Where can fans access your music online?

Human Anyway: or iTunes,, or on DigStation

Isaac: In five years…….

Human Anyway: We would love to be playing all over the world with fans singing along to the music of our third or fourth album! - Junior's Cave

"Human Anyway Releases Album"

The Christian rock band Human Anyway, featuring one of Nixa's very own, is celebrating the release of its first album “Yet To Be Determined.” Their music is driving and the message they offer through their songs is one of hope, forgiveness, and the right to be, well, human.

The band is lead by Nixa's Zac Rantz, you probably know him as the school district's communication coordinator, whose lead vocals are crisp and fun. Brothers Jeremy and Chris Anglen play lead guitar and bass respectively, and Jeremy’s powerful backing vocals are heard in many of the band’s rock numbers.

John Van Gordon’s rhythm guitar and Matt Petry’s drumming round out the band’s full sound, and although these guys have only played together a few years, they work tightly together and compliment each other well.

I enjoyed listening to the “Yet To Be Determined” demo, not just because I know a few of these guys, but also because their songs are progressive. This is not an album where every song sounds the same and covers the same topic. Each track is unique, having it’s own sound and message.

From “Humble Me,” which jumps out and lets you know this isn’t your parent’s Christian music that you’re hearing, to the slower ballad “Dear Child” and the catchy groove of “Beautiful Disaster” (as a side note, are there any Christian rock bands in the last 10 years who haven’t had a song called “Beautiful Disaster?”), the album keeps you entertained, tapping your feet and, in some cases, banging your head.

Like most bands starting out, the guys have written all their own songs, which once again proves how diverse they are in style and talent. Probably the best compliment I can give the band on their first recording is this: It doesn’t sound like a homegrown recording. This record actually sounds like an accomplished band.

I’ve also seen the band live and was really impressed with their stage presence. They have fun together and play off each other well, and their loyal following proves it. There is nothing quite like seeing a good band in concert and feeling the beat vibrate all the way down to your shoes. I highly suggest seeing them live if you get the chance.

Human Anyway’s debut CD is released today and their CD release party is tonight, March 26, at Second Baptist Church in Springfield. The event runs from 6-9 p.m. and will feature performances by the band and a few of their rockin’ friends.

You can also catch Human Anyway at the “Rock To Recover” event at University Plaza on April 3. For more information, visit the band’s Web site at

Stephanie Ashley is the entertainment director for Starlight Music & Productions, an entertainment and event planning company in Highlandville. Reach her by calling (417) 443-2405 or email
- Nixa Xpress

"Nixa-based rock band signs record deal"

Human Anyway, a Nixa-based rock band, has been signed by record label Unlabled Records based out of Kansas City. - Nixa Enterprise

"Human Anyway: Cry Me A River"

Human Anyway was formed in a small apartment in Springfield, Missouri, when three guys joined together to create music reflecting life events, the struggles and successes, and the ride that we take long the way.

Human Anyway released the final single last week and it’s absolutely breathtaking. This record is something we’re really excited about. ‘Cry Me A River‘, it’s hard not to listen to it over and over again. The catchy hooks and the smooth and elegant verses sweeping in and out of polished production, ‘Cry Me A River‘ is the best song you’ll hear today. Check it out for yourself and you’ll see why this artist killing the game. Enjoy! - xKira Music

"Human Anyway – ‘Cry Me A River’"

I’ve heard many covers/remakes of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ but I must say Human Anyway’s modern rock take on the track is very impressive. - Music Is My Life


Single:  "Cry Me A River" (2018)

CD:  Critical Mass (2016)

Single: "Not Ordinary" (2016)

Single: "Truth in Lies" feat. Steven Cooper (March 2013)

Single: "Gift of Words" (Nov. 2012)

CD: "Who We Are" (June 2012)

Single: "Break Free" (January 2012)

Single: Ashes in the Wind (acoustic version)- Fall 2011

Single: Prodigal (acoustic version)- Fall 2011

CD: "Yet To Be Determined" released on March 26, 2010.

Single: "Dear Child (for Joplin Missouri)" released May 22, 2011 as a fundraiser for the Joplin tornado victims.

"Humble Me" and "Prodigal" have been played on Q102's "Homegrown" show in Springfield, MO.

Humble Me, Dear Child, Prodigal, Speechless Heart, & Beautiful Disaster have all be hits on online radio stations.



Human Anyway is a group of guys that were brought together to produce music that relates to people where they are in both a fun and personal way. We remind people that we aren't perfect and are learning as we go...after all, aren't we all just Human Anyway?

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